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    ssh acces?

    hello i see in cpanel that i have ssh acces is that right?
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    website dont work

    i tried to put my new domain (zombie-killzone.NL) but it says that it is used and when i put the address in my browser it points to ---------- Post added at 11:05 AM ---------- Previous post was at 09:59 AM ---------- any one???
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    my domain not working

    hello i have a new domain i want to put it in the domains and i get this error The domain you have supplied is already in use. and when i type teh domain in my browser it points to x10hosting page
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    Cant login into email

    hello i tried to login into webmail and i get this error Internal Server Error User 'gameredi' is over quota. cpsrvd/11.25 Server at pelase help me ---------- Post added at 06:49 AM ---------- Previous post was at 06:43 AM ---------- i can login again but now i...
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    Cron Jobs

    hello i have a question i want to set a cron job for my gameserver kill/deaths stats is every 20 minutes update allowed?
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    udp php question

    hi all i have a gameserver cod4 and i want to install php rcon in the readme says "You need to find a webhosting, that would allow you to use UDP connections made by PHP For phpRcon" does free hosting suports that?
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    free ssh host

    hello does anyone know where i can find a free shell/ssh host account? i need it for my gameserver for the messages
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    Cron job command

    hello a friend asked me if i can make a site for him he has payed so my question is how can i start a .exe file in Cron Job? i cant find it on the internet so i had to ask it here thank you
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    redirecting to page

    hello i had my game server ip into and it was working fine but now it redirects to x10hosting homepage it realy weird i do not want that x10hosting redirects my page
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    game server ip put my website

    hello i have a cod4 game server i want to put the ip at my site so people can connect with how can i do that i saw it on an other server
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    404 403 error pages cant setup

    hello i cant setup the 404 and 403 and that stuff when i did save and i go to for example i go to the x10hosting error page
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    .Htacces does not work

    hello my .htacces file does not work i want to change the extension from index.php to index with this code: Options +FollowSymLinks Options +Indexes RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{SCRIPT_FILENAME} !-d RewriteRule ^([^\.]+)$ $1.php [NC,L]
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    Website download speed

    hello my website download speed is ± 35 kb/s and it loads sometimes very slow is this a issue or is the normal?
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    X10Hosting banner i made one

    I made a few X10hosting banners the thumpnail isnt good cant get it away
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    I make name designs check my site

    hey all i make name designs with photoshop visit my site
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    Image Upload allowed?

    hello, i have a question, can i upload my own photoshop name designs? or isn't that allowed?
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    i have a problem with my site

    helli i cant change the name of my site i get this error code Hosting Domain Modification submitted June 2 at 4:07 pm hndcCxdcf2z8 action status Error information A change to your hosting account's primary domain. result A system error occurred while processing this...
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    upgrade to new package

    can i have the unmetered space and bandwith i have read the specs and its good and of course i will give 1 rep to the one who upgrades me thanks i think my other topic is down
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    Big/Huge problem

    hey al i have a big problem i have my domain and its not working i went to the x10 main page (login/user page) and i see this look below can someone help me? And then i got this error --->
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    Cpanel is very slow

    hi my cpanel at stoli is very slow i have tried to come in it by and and it cant load as i login please help me and please answer my other post with the upgrade