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  1. smartflight

    Fris cPanel issue is taking too long to be resolved!

    It's been 3 days already since the restarts and changes are being made to make the cPanel work properly. How much longer do we have to wait? ETA? How much work is done? Any information? Edit: It's my friends' blog that's hosted on Fris. I'm on Chopin!
  2. smartflight

    Taking too long

    Last I read, restores were 80%! It's been days to that. Any more information yet? hasn't been updated yet, so I thought I might ask here if anyone has a short update.
  3. smartflight

    ETA for normal functionality

    It's the third day since the restoration of accounts, been staring at And apparently, there's no ETA for when the normal functionality would be there for Lotus (I'm on Lotus) and Cossacks. Can we know how much more time it could take? :confused:
  4. smartflight

    Slow response

    So I have this forum..I use it only for testing purpose now, though. But it loads slowly. I discussed it with my friend, he has a pretty similar issue, only worse. His blog is at It takes a lot of time.. We have tried different...
  5. smartflight

    Two main domains? Not really possible

    So, I have an SMF Forum on this account. I made another account this year for my blog, since I wanted to be my main domain, instead of people going to to visit it. Yes, you would suggest me to park for...
  6. smartflight

    Speaking for all, seeking help.'s been more than a week that I have been hovering over this support section and there are a lot of threads coming up with the lame "account suspension" thingy. I myself am a victim. I am sick of you all giving them noobish help. The staff is busy 12 days after the move has been...
  7. smartflight

    Database disappeared.

    MySql database disappeared. phpMyAdmin gives the following error
  8. smartflight

    Connection times out to GMail

    Previous thread: Status: Closed It still doesn't work. Stuck with the same 'connection timeout' error.
  9. smartflight

    SSL not allowed?

    I have a SMF forum, and as for a few months ago, GMail SMTP worked at port 465. Today, when I tried to announce the topic (I have mail queue, so you guys don't worry about me overloading the server or's a very very small forum anyway!). Has your firewall blocked that port or...
  10. smartflight

    SMF on Chopin, Wordpress on Absolut. Both are down.

    I will make an elaborate post so I can let you help me best. :tongue: Chopin / SMF Error on index.php: Some Info Suspended: No Last Working: Last night. Say, about 14 and a half hours ago from now. Used File Mananger: No Changed databases: No...
  11. smartflight

    Absolute - how much longer?

    I just wanted to know how much longer would Absolut take. I know Corey said that things will be stabilized by the end of the week, but that includes running all the scripts and ensuring everything works. However, I just want to know when the transfer would be complete. DNS takes upto 48...
  12. smartflight

    Caching in SMF

    That's what SMF has to say. My forum is slow, I'm on chopin. The update at was 4 days ago and I believe Chopin and the other server have been relieved by now. SMF 2 RC2 does basic caching as of now, but I want to use level 2 caching. Help?
  13. smartflight

    Using GMail with SMF

    I have had problems setting GMail and SMF up to work together. Since a lot of you are having problems, I thought I might post a clean guide on how to use them together. GMail - Register an account. - Goto settings -> Forwarding and POP/IMAP -> Select 'Enable POP for all mail' - You're done...
  14. smartflight

    SMF : PHP Mailing

    So I have this smf forum hosted here, and I want to use PHP mail to send out e-mails, like activation e-mails or birthday e-mails. I am aware that the limit is for 100 mails an hour (I suggest it should 120 mails an hour, since 1.6 mails a minute (or 100 mails an hour) is not really practical)...
  15. smartflight and x10hosting not working together.

    So I have this account registered on as well as x10hosting. Now I have my site set up already, but now I want to link it to a domain (which has been registered, allowed by, and has the name servers of To verify, the nameservers are-->
  16. smartflight

    Linkin and x10hosting after setting up the site

    So I have this forum I set up with x10hosting as a free user..I wasn't interested in since I wanted to use it as a redirector later. But then one of my friend signed up with, and I saw that his links were like, which is awesome. Now I want to switch to...
  17. smartflight


    Sir, I was modifying some codes using a third part mod, and I had my files damaged. Now my forum won't open up..I did not make a backup! By any chance, do you guys make backup for free users? If you do, please let me know, I'd be hell lotta grateful to you guys! Smartflight