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  1. rajnesh

    suspended account reason

    hi after a lot of struggle i finally got my wordpress up (again) installed a few plugins and a good theme and put up all the basics after that i started "shopping around" for a good file host (only for myself NOT MY USERS) so i could mask the url of my files and limit the amount of downloads...
  2. rajnesh

    mysql down for almost 2 days

    as of 7pm (GMT+12) last night when i first checked (no sure if this is when it first happened) the mysql has been down on my site..>> wordpress reports a DATABASE CONNECTION ERROR and MyBB 1.4 cannot connect either site : i looked at
  3. rajnesh

    file host for my site

    hi ... i have a joomla site with (plans for) a lot of mobile content for my country ..... Question: Do any of the admins have any objections with me hosting this content...STRICTLY ONLY RINGTONES AND WALLPAPER and the OCCASIONAL warez i swear... Question: For my site i want to host...
  4. rajnesh

    php upgrades

    hi... thanks for the quick response and my problem has been solved... i would now like to request a php advanced... i know advanced is not offered to starting hoting accounts...but i have been with x10 for a while... and i need it to test the mybb 1.4 beta...(i think) anyway...
  5. rajnesh

    login problems in account.php

    hi... i have tried to get back into my site cp /or even the index.html....but i het this message An Error Has Occurred Although you've logged in successfully, there was an error retrieving your account's hosting type from the backend system. Please post on our forums to seek support on this...
  6. rajnesh

    how long can a site be under construction

    hi im relatively new to posting here so i just wanted to ask a question i am a site builder part time for work and am making a theme site for mybb i was wondering how long x10 hosting allows a site to be UNDER CONSTRUCTION. see i dedicate about 4-5 hours a week to theme construction and i...