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  1. TomyVk

    Changing the Free Domain Name

    I would like to change my free domain name, so if any admin could help me :)
  2. TomyVk

    Moving from Free to Premium hosting

    Hello, I have bought a Premium hosting for 2 years and would like to move my site from my free account to the premium host. How and is it possible to do so without to do it by myself. What information do you need to do it for me if you can.
  3. TomyVk

    Constant 500 error

    Well, me and my visitors are getting constant 500 errors. I would like if someone could look in to it. Yes my file permissions are ok, and folder permissions also. URL: user: tomyvk server: starka
  4. TomyVk

    Constant 505 error

    Well, i'm getting the 505 error from time to time. At first i tought it was because you guys were working something but its all done. If anyone could check whats wrong with it please... The error is appearing randomly, i don't really know why. It never happend before the server move. here's...
  5. TomyVk

    Cant get in to cpanel

    I'm not able to get in to cpanel and i cant even reset my password, i don't know on what server i am on now. I need to fix my sql (recreate user) but i cant. Account: tomyvk old server: fris
  6. TomyVk

    Can't login in to cpanel

    Well, i cant log in to my cpanel for arround a week now. Its since my account got moved on to fris i think or a bit after this, i cant get ftp access or anything. I would liek to continue the work on my site but right now its impossible. Could anyone please check whats wrong with it? Acc...
  7. TomyVk

    Cant login to cpanel

    I'm not able to access my cpanel for arround 24h. I don't see any announcement that something is being worked on. I've tried to get in to cpanel over the account panel and on the normal way, both wont work. Server: Lotus EDIT: Looks like the mail server is down too, i can't login to it.
  8. TomyVk

    Emal problems

    Well, i have some weird problem with my email accounts, i'm not recieving any emails lately and i know people sent them to me. Could please any admin check whats wrong? thx in advance. cpanel account: tomyvk
  9. TomyVk

    huge rollback

    Well, ive noticed that i got a huge rollback to the oct 2. on my website, i'm doing 1 backup per month, but the latest one is sept 30. So far ive noticed there was no announcement about anything that could cause a rollback. My website is located on lotus EDIT: Seems like its solved...
  10. TomyVk

    Server problems?

    Well i cant get on my site, im getting a sql error and i cant log in to cpanel´. Anyone has the link to the server status topic? Wesite: (the TOS page is working) Server: Lotus Here is the error i´m getting: SQL ERROR [ mysqli ] Can't connect to local MySQL server...
  11. TomyVk

    SQL errors

    Can anyone explain the following error message for me?: General Error SQL ERROR [ mysqli ] Got error 28 from storage engine [1030] SQL SELECT l.*, f.* FROM phpbb_profile_lang l, phpbb_profile_fields f WHERE l.lang_id = 1 AND f.field_active...
  12. TomyVk

    Domain Question

    Ok, i have as my main domain and i want to run a second website on my account. The question is, can i use a .x10hosting , etc. domain for my addon domain? Or better to ask, HOW i can do that.....
  13. TomyVk

    Domain parking issue

    Added the DNS info in my domain management, waited for 48h. Well, i parked my domain in cpanel without problem. When i try to set it in the Account management i get this error: An Error Has Occurred Whoops, it appears that there was an error modifying your domain. The errors are...
  14. TomyVk

    File attaching problem...

    when i try to attach a file i get this error: Not Acceptable An appropriate representation of the requested resource /posting.php could not be found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. Apache/2.2.9...
  15. TomyVk

    suspended again

    After 2 unsuspensions my account got suspended again and i was even not able to get on the site. Seems like Cpanel is in deep mess right now, i hope it will be fixed soon.
  16. TomyVk

    Cant get on cpanel

    I cant get on cpanel for over 3 days, i dk whats wrong, i see only a blank site. I did everything i tought that could help and i have no more ideas. Domain: User: tomyvk
  17. TomyVk

    Still Same Issue

    I made a post before and it got closed but not answered, i really need the third DB. If its possible to look in to this problem. Thx I have a DB that i cant remove or add a user to it, i dk what vent wrong but that DB just showed up a few days ago and i cant do anything, and i need the 3'rd...
  18. TomyVk

    DB Problem

    I have a DB that i cant remove or add a user to it, i dk what vent wrong but that DB just showed up a few days ago and i cant do anything, and i need the 3'rd database spot to check some things out. If its possible to delete that DB. The DB is empty like youll see. ~Thx for your support User...
  19. TomyVk

    Site not working

    When i try to get on my site on Cossacs i get: Great Success ! Apache is working on your cPanel® and WHM™ Server Seems like not that i'm the only one. Hope it will be solved soon Username: tomyvk Site:
  20. TomyVk

    Cant connect to my site. need assistance.

    I'm still keeping blocked from my site. i can get on it only sometimes. always i'm getting this msg. I think i'm blocked still from our firewall. Server not found Firefox can't find the server at