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  1. chance1

    ptr record

    Can you make a ptr record for the DNS record I want it to point it at Sorry, I'm just trying to make a BNC on a VPS of mine :)
  2. chance1

    Boru cPanel doesn't resolve

    When I try connect it doesn't resolve, and ping fails. Is it down for maintainence?
  3. chance1

    Search Engine Mayham

    How many words can you make from the following search engines- G O O G L E M S N A S K Y A H O O S E A R C H Rules- May not search the answers. May only post one answer twice a day. There is no rewards for getting them right. YOU MAY NOT USE THE LISTED SEARCH ENGINES OR ANY OTHER AS A WORD...
  4. chance1

    Game: Ban the Person above you!!!!!!!!!!!

    I ban everyone because, well, umm, I have nothing better to do until they fix Absulot (not complaining)
  5. chance1

    Absolute server

    Think Positive Thoughts...:happysad:;):cool::drool::biggrin::laugh: I will ping my website till 7:30 PM CDT. If I get a response then that should mean that (maybe) they are back up.