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    Justin Bieber and Google Translate

    Hey guys check this out do as following and see the result 1) Go to google translate 2) translate "will justin beiber ever hit puberty" from English to Vietnamese 3) copy the translation and translate it back into English :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
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    Please check my blog

    I really want x10 hosting staff to see my site and inspect the contents because those are the contents i'm hoping to add to my site everyday. I'm adding direct download links to freeware softwares with a link to download it from original software developer. there is no cracks or patches only...
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    Hi Guys

    I was searching a quality free hosting service for a long time and yesterday i found x10 :smile: I'm very happy with x10 hosting but there is lot more to learn and experience. i know there is a rule we need to log on to this forum every 31 days but i' not gonna do that :biggrin: becoz i will log...