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  1. rickyyapkowitz69

    Suspension of Account

    My account was "suspended" even though I have repeatedly attempted to "un-suspend" the account per your procedures. I keep getting either "we are having slight difficulties, please try again," and/or "system error occurred during your request," type of messages. Please advise as to what is...
  2. rickyyapkowitz69

    What do you think of my website?

    RE: Book Pages for your Novels While my eyes do greatly appreciate the size of the fonts, it may be better to allow the user to be able to select and view a two-page layout with a "turn the page" format. Also, any thought as to adding illustration links? Overall, good site design, quite...
  3. rickyyapkowitz69

    How is my web design ?

    Although I usually don't like dark backgrounds, your site is extremely well made and balanced, and the dark background is perfect, so I have to say, honestly. . .SUPER SWEET site! Additionally, even on my old dual-core laptop, everything loads fairly quickly, cleanly, and seamlessly. Will...
  4. rickyyapkowitz69

    My design

    Hey moderators in the Forums. . .there's gotta' be a way to remedy and/or remove threads where this happens when following a link for comment: Not Found The requested URL /demo2 was not found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an...
  5. rickyyapkowitz69

    My Website Design

    Overall, a very clean, crisp and engaging site. However, I must agree with a previous poster about the FOOTER; It's rather large and a total distraction to the rest of the page. Have you tried to set all of your footer links in columns (if they're absolutely necessary,) or some other...
  6. rickyyapkowitz69

    visit my site and advice me

    Tried to visit your website, but x10 advises that "your account is suspended;" so sorry can't offer any advice!