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  1. fguy64

    SQL errors and PHP

    OK, I am trying to get a handle on what kind of mySQL errors will feed info back to php. I know connection errors feed back to php and back to browsers, but what about the following... { mysql_query( "INSERT INTO users VALUES (" +"'" +$id +"'," +"'"...
  2. fguy64

    Earliest memory of the outside world.

    Let's hear about your earliest memories of the outside world, something outside of your friends, family, and immediate neighboorhood that had a big effect on you. For me, I guess it was watching the 1968 California Democratic Convention on tv with my Mum, when Robert Kennedy was shot and...
  3. fguy64

    X10 Chess games

    White: fguy64 Black ichwar fguy's screenshot ichwar's screenshot ichwar and I are playing a game of chess. We are uploading screenshots of the chess program to our own accounts, overwriting previous version of the file with the same name. The screenshots are displayed here using img tags...
  4. fguy64

    Who Am I?

    OK, whoever holds the reins continues to provide hints until someone guess the mystery identity. 1. I was born May 24, 1941, in Duluth, Minnesota.
  5. fguy64

    Using Java with MySQL on x10

    greetings. I don't need a how to, I was just hoping someone could save me some time by pointing me in the right direction. Given that Java, and thus JDBC, is a client side application, and mySQL is server side application, what is the mechanism by which my Java applet can get information from...
  6. fguy64

    Uploading mySQL databases?

    Is it possible to create and populate mySQL databases on your computer, then upload them to x10? Does mySQL on x10 allow me as a user to place databases somewhere under my home directory structure and then maybe specify the location in my connect or select statements? My initial...
  7. fguy64

    Any Chess Players here?

    It's a great game, I've played all my life. If any of you want to talk chess, or maybe play some "postal style" internet chess at, let me know. I'm also interested in finding someone who is into chess and Java programming who would like to collaborate on my programming project...
  8. fguy64

    General Issues in Database Design and programming

    greetings, I am just getting my feet wet with php and mySQL, and I wanted to discuss some basic concepts typical to all relational database systems. I posted this in the Compters and Technology forum but didn't get a response, so I thought I'd try in this board We can start off with Primary...
  9. fguy64

    Multiple X10 logins

    Greetings Right now If I login in on the x10 home page, I have to log in again with the same info if I want to post to the forum, and then a login with a different id for cpanel. I have no issue with a different cpanel login, but I would like not to have to login a 2nd time for the forum...
  10. fguy64

    Concerns about wireless

    Greetings. I live in a house with several other people, and we all connect to a single ADSL router, mostly via wireless. It occurred to me as one of my roommates was doing WindowsUpdate, "damn. 50 MB of service pack 3 just went straight through my thorax.. I'm only slightly facetious, I...
  11. fguy64

    Creativity in Web Design

    I'm relatively new to web design, but my HTML skills are pretty good. One thing I have found, is that I have no real flair for creative design. My pages are for the most part simplistic. I have a pretty good eye for what colors go well together, and I have confidence in how I can organize...
  12. fguy64

    Question re: php security

    Suppose I have an html file in my public_html directory, and that html file contains a reference to a php file, call it test.php, in a different directory, call that directory dir1. That means that anyone will know that there exists in dir1 a file called test.php. now suppose dir1 has...
  13. fguy64

    General Database Concepts

    greetings, I am just getting my feet wet with php and mySQL, and I wanted to discuss some basic concepts typical to all relational database systems. We can start off with Primary Key fields and Index fields. If people have other RDBMS concepts to discuss, then I guess this would be a good...
  14. fguy64

    MySQL - is there an easy way to... a visual inspection of a database without writing a program? That includes seeing what tables are created, the relationships, and the contents. There doesn't seem to be a way using cPanel. Is their some client software I could use?
  15. fguy64

    Problem using php header() function

    Hi this is day1 of my php education, and I'm running into problems early. I'm trying a simple redirect based on correct entry of a password. I checked a few sources and my code seems ok, but... first my html form... <form action="success.php" method="post"> Password: <input type="password"...
  16. fguy64

    A specialized SMTP script?

    I am interested in writing a script, so that with one click of a button on a web page, it would send a predefined email to a predefined user. Presumably such a script would work with X10's SMTP server, and I'm pretty sure I should be able to do it with my free hosting account. I don't need a...
  17. fguy64

    History/Geography Trivia

    I suppose this qualifies as a forum game. Someone who answers a question correctly can ask their own question. You can't use Google or Wiki to help answer a question, although you can use it to help devise a question. OK. There are only two countries in the world that are completely contained...
  18. fguy64

    Anyone here a member of

    Hi. I'd really like to register there, but they have a weird problem with their registration process. When you submit the registration, you get an error that says something like "The string you entered does not match the verification image", except no image is displayed, not does the...
  19. fguy64

    Personal Knowledge Base Software

    Greetings I'm looking for a good ( freeware or open source hopefully ) personal knowledge base system, that runs on my Windows XP PC. Something Wiki like that is easy to use. There's plenty of them out there on the net, so I'm looking for recommendations from people who have actually used the...
  20. fguy64

    Greetings, especially to java programmers

    Greetings to all. I'm Fred. I have just joined X10 a little while ago, and I have created a web site to host my java chess application. The program functions as an opponent and also has some additional features of interest to chessplayers. This is an ongoing project for me, call it a hobby...