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    Account deletion

    Hello, I am finished with my site, and I would wish to delete my site. Would you please leave my forum account, so I can create a new site.
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    The x10 email

    Hey, I was just wondering about the @x10 email, I love the site and I think that the email would be pretty cool. What are the specs, (ie. max space) and what would the address would be? I would want something like
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    A question about one of the banned sites

    One of the banned sites, a file hosting type of site, what about a PC game purchase site, where when you purchase the games, you just download them? Such as Direct 2 Drive or Steam?
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    Complete clear

    Hey, I want to clear everything on my site, how do I do that?
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    MYSQL error

    Well, I was looking on the Sql forums, never saw the answer, so, here's the error: General Error SQL ERROR [ mysql4 ] Access denied for user 'bobster_forum'@'localhost' (using password: YES) [1045] An sql error occurred while fetching this page. Please contact an administrator if...
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    What do you...

    Hey, what do you think the best FTP client is? I, myself use Filezilla but I heard there are other really good ones out there, what do you use?
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    Hello, my name is Robert

    Hey all, my name is Robert, and I'm pleased to be here on the forums. I originally came here because I had a problem with the forums I made, I could not access my site! Now that the problem has cleared, I see that this is a very good community and I hope to enjoy my stay. At first, I thought...
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    Change URL error

    Well, when I changed my URL from to, I could no longer access the domain, and I get the "url open" message when I try the new one.