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    Any Surfers Out There???

    I've done a fair bit of surfing in my time. Rode some big waves!!!!! Well...... I thought they were big........ Until I saw this....... Check it out!!!!!!
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    Funny Song - Inspired By DeWayne!

    Had a read of DeWayne's song thread and thought I would share this with you. I'm sure you all know how to use rapidshare ;) Check it out. I'm sure you'll get a laugh out of it. The file is clean! You have my word on that. Enjoy my fellow x10er's...
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    A word of Advice!

    Edited out by Phil.
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    Need my Cpanel Password reset

    Hey guys.... Requesting a new cpanel password please! :D Cheers :drool:
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    Ad Banner and Gif's

    Hey guys. I've noticed something strange with my site. When using Firefox, The Corporate banner and gif pics do not appear. But yet, when using IE they are visible. Anyone else seem to have this problem? I'm just thinking though that when someone does a check on my site to see if I have my ads...
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    Help Placing Ad's in HTML

    Ok guys.... Need your help. Dunno What I'm doing wrong here, but I just can't seem to be able to ad the x10 corporate ads to the pages of my site. Each time I try to ad them they are not displayed online. I'm using Dreamweaver. Below is the top part of the code before adding the ad script...
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    Password no longer works

    Hey guys. I recently changed my x10 subdomain to my actual domain (as seen in this thread----> ) But since this has happened, I can no longer sign into my cpanel. aaorozco said that my domain had changed, but my username remained the same. Is...
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    Hey guys! Just wanted to pop in and say Hi! All staff here seem very friendly and extremely helpful. The sign of a close community ;) Looking forward to becoming an active member here at x10Hosting! Wherever I can help out, I will. Cheers guys!