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    IP Blacklisted

    Hi, I was just trying to log in to directadmin and I got an IP Blacklisted message. It's weird because I already logged into my account then when I tried to launch directadmin, I was being prompted to login again. Can someone please assist with this? Thanks
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    IP Blacklisted

    I was trying to get into my control panel (directadmin) after noticing my site is down. After repeated failed attempts, I get a message saying my IP has been blacklisted. Came here only to find out there are server-wide issues and my login problems were not unique. But now, I suppose I need help...
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    No password reset email

    I followed the directive to initiate a password reset, but no reset email has been sent. Please help to resolve.
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    Resolved Apache is functioning normally & Can't add domain to Cloudflare

    My x10host site was working fine with the x10host subdomain address. I then tried to link it to my personal domain and proxy it through Cloudflare and I'm having problems. First, when I try to add my x10 subdomain on Cloudflare, I get an error message that it's not a registered domain. I added...
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    Resolved An error was encountered

    I keep getting this error when I try to log into my account. After several tries, I'm able to login, get the cPanel button, but when I try to go into cpanel, I get this error message. Please help?