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    Can you please unsuspend my site Another Admin on my site tried to run a backup and got it suspended for high usage. I have since warned him of your new policy. Thank you, Anthony
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    Suspended for high usage

    Hi guys, I was trying to update my PHPBB Forum to the latest and greatest using the Auto update package. I got suspended 2x for high usage.. Ok, I manually updated the forum and it works... Now, I am trying to use a Joomla component that backs up my site called Joomlapack. Well, I was...
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    Ahhh Fitbit!! WT?

    I better get some quarterly profit from FITBIT for advertising!!! Would it be possible to advertise my site like this! lol :dunno::dunno::lockd::lockd::nuts::nuts::nuts:
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    Stoli up..down..

    Alright, I don't ***** to much. I kinda go with the flow when it comes to web hosting. Especially since it is free. Is X10 having serious uptime issues lately. Specifically Stoli server? I've seen post on her concerning the various other servers lately. But my site is up and down (down...