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    Resolved Country Code Blocklisted

    Hi. When I try to log into my free hosting account I get the country block error and an error code: E6138EE6AD91537DE. I am a member since 2012 so can you guys and girls unlock my account, please? Domain:; Thank you, Claudiu Radu.
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    Error code E11C5ADE66F92DB35

    Hilo. I'm receiving the EXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX error code that seems to affect quite a large number of people around here. It looks like the examples below: "Error code E11C5ADE66F92DB35. Please go to the support forum for assistance." ( on firefox browser ); "Error code E535E2028157CD1D5. Please go...
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    Disallowed Key Characters

    Hi. So I have a basic account here on x10hosting and when I try accessing my email accounts ( ‘email accounts’ page -> ‘access webmail’ link/button ) I get this error: “Disallowed Key Characters.Child failed to make LIVEAPI connection to cPanel.” Now, this happens after I am prompted to enter...
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    FTP not working...

    Hi! I'm having a problem when I use filezilla; after supplying user name and password filezilla replies with this: 421 Home directory not available - aborting Error: Could not connect to server