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    Identity Verification

    Is there any way i can get my website's identity verified for free like a ssl, but i dont want to pay for one... I just want to fill in that spot that is blank next to the name of the website in the url in google chrome so it looks legit.
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    Cloudflare Question

    Is there any way i get make the message that appears when you click on a page and it says "Loading Cloudflare for DDoS protection" and its like a gray screen before the website loads? I have cloudflare setup and now all i want is the message because i thought it was pretty cool.
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    [Attention]: Parked Domains etc Should Be Working Now

    I think they finally fixed the problem because I just setup my 2 domains that i bought on Saturday.
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    Parked Domain Hasn't Worked For Days

    I have been trying since Saturday to add a parked domain and it isn't working, what is the problem? I am doing everything right! x10hosting needs to fix this problem! Also why was the website down earlier today?
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    Simple HTML Error on x10Hosting's Website Is Making Services Not Work?

    X10HOSTING DIDN'T FINISH CODING... AND FORGOT THE </SC IN </SCRIPT> <!-- END stdheader.html --> ript> <!-- END stdheader.html --> NEEDS FIXED TO: <!-- END stdheader.html --> </script> <!-- END stdheader.html -->
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    Parked Domain is x10hosting's Error Not Yours

    When I go to Parked Domains on the cPanel & type in my domain (That i've already bought from GoDaddy), then click Add Domain, It says: There was a problem creating the parked domain. Show Details, Then I expand Show Details and... Show Details says: Sorry, cannot determine nameserver IPs...
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    Change Name Servers

    I need to change the name servers for my website to new ones so I can use CloudFlare. I have already set up an account and everything and it is my last step.