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    I have a suspension that I can't fix

    I have a suspension for high usage, I'll probably have to upgrade to prime this week but I need to shove some money in my paypal account first however, I can't currently unban myself because there is a suspension request pending even though my account has been unsuspended since. any chance...
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    Instant unsuspension not working

    Hi, I've tried to instantly unsuspend my account and had no luck as of yet? any chance you can sort it out for me, Thanks, Timothy C Ford.
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    Premium and Emails

    Hi, I'm on about upgrading to pro, 3 years with the free I.P address does this mean that I will be able to email Hotmail/yahoo/gmail as the i.p won't be blacklisted. This is an important factor in upgrading. As well as the upgraded specs. Can everything be sent across as well. I would like...
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    Rather annoying suspension.

    Every time I try and update or upgrade something on wordpress it see's me getting suspended. Would appreciate having my suspension removed and will likely upgrade to premium or prime in the coming weeks.
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    Promoting Websites and Blogs using Twitter.

    Twitter is huge now. You'd be hard pressed to find a radio station that doesn't mention it every twenty minutes lately. It's featured on television and people use it all over the world. It has a huge user-base and every single person on it is connected. I have been using twitter to promote my...
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    Will there be a deal for Prime Users to upgrade to premium cheaper

    The title says it all really Will there be a deal for Prime Users to upgrade to premium cheaper?
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    Automatic upgrading to premium?

    I would like to upgrade to premium but I would like all my current website files transfered so I can use my stuff right away. Any ideas?
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    MySQL Server down? Wordpress database errors?

    Trying to get a wordpress blog up and running, no luck. Every time I reinstall or try and get going it still gives me Could not establish database connection?
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    A very odd email send failure.

    Hi. This is the qmail-send program at I'm afraid I wasn't able to deliver your message to the following addresses. This is a permanent error; I've given up. Sorry it didn't work out. <(private)>: Connected to but greeting failed. Remote host...
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    2 brief questions on premium and current status

    1. I'm thinking of upgrading to premium but I would need to be allowed more email accounts, what are the limits on that? 2. My emails are down at the moment and my website shows 500 internal server error?
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    Hi guys!

    Hey, I've been on here before but left because my emails were messing up on the server, hows things though now I am back! p.s those image verifications are a nightmare these days, they are getting harder and harder to read.