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    Account Deletion Request

    Please delete everything related to my free hosting account. I'd like to tell you that I'm really dissapointed with your support service. As I said on my past posts, I know that this service is free, but it's unacceptable that no one can provide support. Finally, I could recover all my...
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    Need help to acces

    This is the third post related to the cPanel access from I'm from Mexico and I have tried to access the cPanel, but since September 14th I just can't. I have read that this problem has likely happened due to my ISP, which is Infinitum by Telmex, banned starka. I...
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    Can't access the cPanel

    I still can't access the cPanel. Could anyone tell me what it is going on? I have been trying to log in the cPanel for two days and nobody have told me if there is an issue. I really need to log in.
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    Cannot access cPanel

    I have tried several times to log in cPanel but the browser shows a message that the Web site cannot be found. I'd like to know if there is a problem. Thank you.