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    Change of domain required or bogus?

    I was able to access the support ticket just now.
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    Change of domain required or bogus?

    got same e-mail for my account however, the support portal returns "Sorry, an unrecoverable error occurred loading the page." guess I'll try again later does anyone know if calls to my old x10hosting site will redirect to the new domain name for a while?
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    Best Linux Distribution

    I have been using Arch Linux on my personal laptop for a couple months now. I don't know if it will replace Slackware as my choice for my work laptop OS anytime soon, but I don't think I will be replacing Arch on my home system. The simplicity of Arch if truly beautiful. I highly recommend it...
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    403 Forbidden

    any update on this matter?
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    MySQL problem

    Like many others that have posted here, I too see both my DBs in the MySQL Databases frontend and that they are being reported as having a size of 0.00 MB. And my web pages return an error Access denied for user 'xx'@'yy' (using password: YES). But I can successfully query my data using...
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    Solution to X10's growth problem

    I agree that we there should be an option for whether or not I would like to have cPanel as part of my account properties. I actually have zero need for it and would much prefer some actual uptime.
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    Best Linux Distribution

    I've used Slackware since v3.5 and although I've installed and used many different flavors of Linux over the years I find that I just feel more comfortable with Slackware. Other distros just seem to make things complicated. I checked out the link quoted above and it recommended 2 distros to...
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    Website not loading

    Lotus is also currently having issues --again
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    my site is unavailable!

    Welcome to x10! Do not expect to have much uptime. I have been a member for a little over a year now and I just started to get used to all the downtime. According to most of the posts in these forums, x10 is much better than other free hosting sites. I don't keep statistics, but my site...
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    Raw Access Logs

    How do I enable the archiving of raw access logs for my site. The cPanel setting appears to do nothing. Is this feature still available on the Free Hosts?
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    problem loading page

    I have seen this post repeatedly during the past couple weeks, yet I have no reason to believe anything is going to clear up soon. Lotus has been a wreck not only during the past 3 weeks but also during numerous extended amounts of time for the past year! Keep up the good work x10 and we...
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    Lotus Trouble?

    down again right now :( wtf
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    Lotus Trouble?

    why no status on this issue x10?
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    Lotus Trouble?

    My site on lotus has also been hit or miss for the past week or so. Although I have painfully gotten used to this over the course of the past year or so, it does seem to be more miss than hit lately.
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    Which Text Editor & Why

    I used to use UltraEdit at work because my company paid for it. It is truly excellent at handling ridiculously large files and it also has a cool file compare tool. But I spend most of my time on Linux systems and I find myself using Geany most of the time now. Geany is not only a great text...
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    Infected Pc's Won't Be Allowed On Facebook.

    This is all about marketing and money. Why would Facebook actually care about whether their visitors' PCs are infected with malware. I'd bet that about half of their members' PCs are part of a bot network or at least has some adware loaded. If they started restricting access to their site based...
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    What is the Best AntiVirus?

    I used to buy Trojans when I was single... they're malicious? I am not sure how you Windows users can walk around with those things. ;)
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    no domain in last visitors stats

    I have the same problem, but it has been going on for months. I noticed a text file in my web directory. I think it's contents or it's name controls how logs are generated and/or archived. Does anyone know?
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    server feedback

    Looking at the content on the quoted link above just makes me feel that it will be another week before I will start seeing uptime of at least 80%. This is my first experience with using free hosting (other than what is provided by various ISPs) so I have no basis for comparison of services. I...
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    Suspected Malware

    As a non-paying customer of this free hosting service I can't complain much about this atrocity. However, as an Internet citizen I am compelled to say that the administrators of are not only irresponsible for allowing this to happen, but should also be liable for any damages that...