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    Hello My forums can't connect to MySQL so the forums are like useless... The forums have all the important information for my web design site... Without that i have like almost no content or information O_O When i try to connect to phpmyadmin it just gives me the phpmyadmin login page... This...
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    Beware Designs I coded the design in Twitter Bootstrap yesterday (January 20th) and then i integrated it into the forums (FluxBB forum) last night. Then today i have been busy changing font size's, adding a bit of space between categories and getting the forums ready. Then i also...
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    Review my website :D

    Hello, I am running a White Hat Hacking forum that i just started. White Hat hacking is LEGAL hacking. I am using a LICENSED forum. I have a license to use this software. Check it out. Just started it so will be posting content and trying to optimize SEO.
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    where do you guys post updates and when your going to do them?

    Title says it mostly. I want to know if theres a forum area that says when you guys are going to be doing updates. I want to know because my site was accessible but now its not cause you guys have to be doing something with phpmyadmin. I cant log into phpmyadmin through cpanel either so it has...
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    Server Error

    works now. ---------- Post added at 10:33 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:54 PM ---------- Fixed automatically.
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    Credit system

    I dont like how it just cost me 95credits to do one post!! and i dont think anyone else likes it either so like lowering the amount of credits required to post would be great.
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    Account suspended for unliscend IPB

    i dont see how anyone can tell if my ipb isnt lisenced and this really sucks bad when your site gets suspended for it!! like reallly. No one gave me crap for it until just now when i posted about minervaseo and then after that i got suspended! WTF big whoop its not lisenced to me. but i dont...
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    ok i have installed a copy of IPB 3.0.5 a while ago and i have a copy of MinervaSEO its a free SEO for Ipb witch makes it faster so i want to know if i can install that to my IPB board on x10hosting?? please i would like to use this but not get into trouble for installing it.
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    Domain not working????

    there is one problem i have a domain setup and made my main domain name and i also got to the site using it but now i cant even acess the site it googles instead so is x10 down or something because my domain registrar still says all the correct information to x10. ---------- Post added at 03:26...
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    i changed my main domain name to my site domain name and i got the default site page. i cannot remember how to delete that or if i have to wait. some info would help me.
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    Vbulletin copy

    i want to know what nulled software is and why i got suspended while trying to install a copy of vbulletin that i got in a zip folder for free as in i didnt buy it and i got suspended suposedly for nulled software. and why can i not install a copy of vbulletin that i got for free i had the...
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    Domain chage!!! Problem!!!!!!!

    i changed my domain from the x10 control panel from to and now i cant get on my site the domain name dosnt work now and i get the error that the domain isnt setup!! i thought that x10 auto setup all that when i changed my subdomain and i...
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    Sites7coding is supposed to be a website where people can go to learn to code or get some help coding a website. the site was supposed to be for a ds site but i decided not to use it for a ds site i used another host but i am waiting for the domain to theres...
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    Need help chnging my dns records on this host.

    ok i am using dnspod for my free domain name like and 1 i dont know the nameservers for x10 witch i need please tell me those and the second thing is i need help changing the DNS records on my account for my registrator's nameservers but i dont know hwo to do that. please can...