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    Say the biggest word you know.

    Ill start off, then you will reply with a word that has one more letter, or you can start over. Try to beat this, WOOO. PNEUMONOULTRAMICROSCOPICSILICOVOLCANOCONIOSIS
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    The story why i was gone for a long time.

    :( Ive been gone for awhile, cause my grandmother had a aneurysm. I'm sorry guys. Shes getting better, but well theres the story :(
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    I was banned because...

    Instructions: Reply with the newest i got banned because post. Ex: (Noname) Well i was banned for eating pie, how were you banned? (Nooname) Well noname, i was banned for overdose, how were you banned? Good luck! Start: I was banned because i decided to buy a portal gun, how were you banned?