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    PHP Updating Users

    It's another PDO question. It grabs all the details from the previous page, but it cannot update the fields. Without debugging with print_r, I get the following array. Below is the code, and the table on the previous page. print_r($username); print_r($password); print_r($email)...
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    PHP inserting

    I am having more problems with my Admin CP. There is a form on the previous page that sends the data here. I can't figure out why it won't add users into the database. <?php session_start(); if(!isset($_SESSION['username'])){ header("location:index.php"); } $host = 'localhost'; $database...
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    PHP Table

    I basically have a table in my Admin CP, which is suppose to display the contents from all my columns, but of course it doesn't provide me with any errors. When I implement debugging, it says: This is what I have in the first part of my code: $memberQuery1 = $db->prepare("SELECT * FROM...
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    PHP Login

    I have a PHP login script that I made. My previous version was made in mySQL, but now I am converting to POD for various reasons. This has already happened several times, DO NOT get yourself confused! It runs by posting to a file called access.php. I tried to implement some debugging, but it...
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    In a section of my website, I have a PHP login. The code seems to be fine, but it seems to be having trouble on your end. It connects to the database "stencil_access", but it cannot read the the table "members" where their account details are stored. Perhaps, you have an older PHP version? I am...