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    Hi! I'm using more than 90% of my current disk space. I've done everything I can to try and keep it down, such as deleting files I don't need. But now, I can't do anything further. I am hosting a forum and wiki. So I am here to request unmetered disk space usage. I believe I meet all the...
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    JS, CSS takes ages to update

    Hello, I am currently writing JS and CSS scripts, and I save the file and go to the website, but it takes ages to update on the website. It's updated on cPanel but not on the website. It can sometimes take half an hour or more! Please help me. Thanks.
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    Can't login

    I can't login. I get: An error has occurred processing your request. I've seen many threads but all of the 'potential fixes' given so far don't work. Help please?
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    Unmetered disk space

    Hello, Can I please get unmetered disk space? I believe I meet all requirements. Thanks, Sam
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    Hi, I'm trying to send stuff like confirmation emails but they never arrive, it says the connection timed out. I know the email is working properly outside x10hosting since I can send, reply, and all. Is x10hosting blocking the requests? P.S I use Zoho for email. Thanks.
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    Forbidden error?

    Hello, This morning I was on my forums, it was working fine, but now in the afternoon, suddenly, It gives me this error: Forbidden. You don't have access.. Blah blah blah. This was not happening before. Please help! Title says 403 forbidden
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    MySQL details keep changing

    Hello, Recently MySQL details keep changing. Details it changes: User Password No idea why it's doing this. Please help.
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    MySQL details keep changing

    Hello, Recently MySQL details keep changing. Details it changes: Password User I have no idea why it keeps doing this. Please help.
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    Please add innodb

    Hello, I setup my 'Vanilla' forum, but I found out Vanilla requires you to have the storage engine database in MySQL called 'innodb' otherwise, your site will not work after about a day. If you could add this that would be awesome..