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  1. sebandf2

    Can you Delete this Email

    Hello I setup a email account on my hosting account and it will not let me access or even delete it I get a error I need help with it I can always set up another one and work from there but if I do that I will then have 2 emails out of 3 and one not being usable at all please help me I uploaded...
  2. sebandf2

    406 Not Acceptable

    okay so I am trying to change the About Us section of my footer for my site and can't save it after I am done editing it I want to change it from its default Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consetetur sadipscing elitr, sed diam nonumy eirmod tempor invidunt ut labore et dolore magna aliquyam erat...
  3. sebandf2

    Cpanel Internal Server Error

    Internal Server Error 500 failed to open session lockfile: FILE=/var/cpanel/sessions/raw/:yole93CDgqGkMq2ctuszwgQHGJqfUESxXBeG5WntIDRssUQf5emxRnl4VUgH8lrD.lock, No space left on device at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/ line 261. cpsrvd/ Server at and also...
  4. sebandf2

    Less Disk Space Request

    This may seem strange but I currently would like to actually have my Disk Space lowered to 160 MB since I never go above 40 to 90 MB but I would like to have some disk space left for my growing MYSQL Database I limit myself to 90MB for the site core files the rest of the space is used for MYSQL...
  5. sebandf2

    Removing Remote MYSQL in Cpanel

    I was wondering if there is a possibility of removing the Remote MYSQL button in cpanel since its not allowed on free hosting just a suggestion. There is no real use for us to have the option in our Cpanel if we cant use it
  6. sebandf2

    Unlimited request

    Hi Team, Could you please put me on the unlimited free plan. Thank you for your amazing service!
  7. sebandf2

    How much resources do you use for your site?

    I use CPU Usage 0 / 100 % this usually goes to 10% sometimes Virtual Memory Usage 17.4 / 1024 MB varies at times Physical Memory Usage 16.9 / 1024 MB varies at times Entry Processes 0 / 5 usually only goes to 1/5 for me Number of Processes 0 / 50 only goes to 1/50 for me I/O Usage 0 / 1...
  8. sebandf2

    My Website

    About 2 weeks ago I created this SMF Forum, for me and my friends but wish it would become bigger with more forums/categories! What I need from you guys is feedbacks on how the site looks, loads and stuff is everything looking perfectly fine? Thanks :) All feedbacks &...