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  1. iSean

    Illuminated Plan

    I was going to buy an Illuminated upgrade but noticed you can only pay $60 for 5 years, Is their ever going to be some other plans like $36 for 3 years? or even $24 for 2? if you don't want to charge monthly?
  2. iSean

    Prime Account Upgrade - Confusion :S

    I upgrade my account to Prime ( a while ago and got all the extra perks but I think their might be some little bugs here and there. When I go to the email portal or switch to cPanel x3 it shows me in the Cpanel title my that it's Prime Account...
  3. iSean

    Prime Account - Forum Status?

    I bought Prime Account upgrade a while ago and I noticed that their is a forum user title "Prime Account" which I have not got even though I am a prime member. Also I have been a member for almost a year now and under my user profile picture it says New Member, how long does it take to become a...
  4. iSean

    Forum / Portal Username Change

    Is it possible to have my username on the forum and and on the portal changed to "Sean" instead of "iSean"? Or can I register a new forum account named "Sean" and have just the portal account name changed? Thanks, Sean.
  5. iSean

    Custom File Manager / Editor and Email Client

    Now that you have made a really nice custom cPanel for your hosting packages, Can I suggest that you make a custom File Manager / Editor and also a custom Email Client to go with it? Because the default file manager that comes with cPanel isn't very pleasent and not very fast to edit files...
  6. iSean


    Hello, I posted this thread back in july and I got a reply saying it would be looked into and I would be updated, but the thread is close and I have not heard any updates: I am just wondering if there are any...
  7. iSean

    x10 Basic cPanel - Email Domain Mix-Up

    I have 2 websites in my Basic cPanel thanks to that feature. But when I click create e-mail and go through the process, my e-mails get muddled up When I click manage e-mail on one of my sits the e-mail is under the wrong domain name, I have deleted the e-mail accounts and set it up again and...
  8. iSean

    Prime Membership

    I can't remember when I bought Prime membership, can someone tell me when it is due to expire ? or do I need to create a support ticket ? :P
  9. iSean

    cPanel Basic ?

    I can't access the cPanel Basic anymore, I am stuck with the default cPanel X3 But my friend who is also on x10hosting can still access the custom cPanel :(