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  1. tanay46

    Buying Permanent Links

    Hey, I am looking to buy permanent in content links related to webmasters, food and health niche. I am willing to pay from 25-500 credits depending on the site. Please Pm me or post your url here, and I will tell you how much I will pay for a link. The links must be permanent and dofollow. Thanks.
  2. tanay46

    200 credits for the best slogan ( web design firm )

    Hey guys, I need a slogan for a web design firm that I am starting. It's name is TJDzine. The winner will receive 250 credits. I dont really have anything in mind for the slogan yet, so feel free to post any kind of slogan you come up with. Don't copy a slogan already in use please. It should...
  3. tanay46

    Blog Post Links Wanted - 25 credits each

    Hey, I want permanent links to this blog post - from a blog post on your blog. Either you can write a post about this post of mine , or just link to it as a resource from one of your existing posts. These links should remain forever, and...
  4. tanay46

    How to host

    How to host a normal domain as in here ? i no how to host but wot about , i bught the domain already.
  5. tanay46

    Stumble My Site 5 Credits

    Hey very simple all you need to do is stumble my site Link: Tags: Manchester United, Man utd, Manu , Manutd, Mufc , Ronaldo , Rooney , Nani , Old Trafford, EPL Description: Pls write a good review 10 words at least ... Pls make sure you add the tags given...
  6. tanay46

    [OFF]Selling Permanent Links for 25 credits

    The links will be put up on this page Pls Pm me or reply on this thread if interested with the following Title: title of site URL: url Description: short description max 8 words for a long description, an additional 5 credits.
  7. tanay46

    [REQ]25 credits to put my link on your site

    I am giving credits for the following Put link in signature : 15 credits/ per month link should be size 5 Link: Title: Manchester United Fansite so the signature link will look like this:- Manchester United Fansite Put permanent link on your site : 30...
  8. tanay46

    [OFF]Selling links on my website for 50 credits

    Hey this is my website Ill be selling links on the links page for 50 credits. Anyone interested pls PM me or reply on this thread with the following NAme of site URL Short Description CAtegory if u want long description, thats an additional 10 credits.
  9. tanay46

    Link excahgne with sports site. Any site will do

    Hey im looking to exchagne links with sites of any category check out my website and pm me if interested.
  10. tanay46

    Look here if u want more traffic!!

    Hey my new website is getting more than 100 visitros a day thanks to the following 6 sites:-