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    Oops - Has mySQL been updated today/yesterday?

    Suddenly getting error messages re:timezones? :(
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    Has PHP been updated today/yesterday?

    I'm suddenly getting a new error re timezones :(
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    starka - STILL cannot connect successfully to FTP server!!

    Please sort/reboot - thanks
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    All my files have gone!!!

    Like others have noted - on Starka - all was well up to the last hour - and now all files have disappeared - HELP!
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    I'm confused - I've received an email: x10Hosting Hosting Account Suspension‏ 08/11/2011 Oh no! Your x10Hosting free web hosting account fruity has been suspended. Access to this hosting account has been restricted until the suspension has been resolved. The details...
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    starka mail server down (again)

    As others have noted - starka mail server down ...:(
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    starka - disk full??

    ftp error msg for at least 24hrs now - any update on this?
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    Mail down??

    Hi I'm using PHPMailer to send an email - it worked yesterday but not today - any reason why?? P.S also tried using mail() - still not working help!