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  1. Anna

    Have you gone out business

    We have no affiliation at all with them so we would not be able to point you anywhere except suggesting going to their site and seek any information there.
  2. Anna

    add domian

    I have spoken with the abuse team briefly, the best option right now is that I add the domain for you from the admin side, this way we can have it sorted fairly quick.
  3. Anna

    requesting unsuspension

    Phishing is taken very seriously, you really should have paid attention to what your friend asked you to try out. Being unaware of what you put on your account and website is not an excuse. Since phishing is both a violation of terms and illegal, the suspension will be permanent and cannot be...
  4. Anna

    Multiple Accounts

    Please follow the instructions in the error message and post to the correct place, all requests needs to be done in this thread:
  5. Anna

    osticket smtp error

    If you installed it on googiehost (googlehost?) then I'd assume google is your hoster and not us. I did look at your post there, where exactly does that screenshot come from? That being said, you won't be able to use an external smtp for a script inside our free hosting service. You should be...
  6. Anna

    Restore files

    I see that the only domain on your account have a public_html folder with contents, were you able to sort this out yourself after all? Free hosting does not have account level backups. We do of course have backups in case of server failure, meant to use when restoring the entire server however
  7. Anna


    The country you are in is not eligible for free hosting at this time, however seeing as your account was created prior to the block being put in place I have set an exception for your account. Can you please try now?
  8. Anna

    add domian

    Looks like our system is a bit overcautious, it actually detects your domain as possible phishing attempt (due to a substring of the domain being matched). I have notified the abuse team so they can look into how to adjust the rule to not hit falsely. For now, please hold any attempts to add...
  9. Anna

    Migrate site

    Depends a little on what your site uses as backend, some scripts (wordpress for instance) would require you to change settings to reflect the new domain you would be using. The base part though is to copy all files in domains/OLDDOMAIN/public_html to domains/NEWDOMAIN/public_html I recommend...
  10. Anna

    How do I add my own domain

    This will be done from your dashboard and not from within DirectAdmin. Once logged into the dashboard ( click on the service name to view details, at the right hand side you should see the option to add your own custom domain, as well as information regarding how to...
  11. Anna

    Have you gone out business

    x10hosting is very much alive, however these forums however are mainly community driven support for free hosting and few that frequent these forums have access to the premium side of x10hosting (, are you able to login to the clients area at...
  12. Anna

    requesting unsuspension

    From TOS: URL shortener is a prohibited script with our hosting, meaning you can not host one on our free hosting.
  13. Anna

    How can I request for increasing my disk space

    This is from ToS: Url shorteners is among prohibited scripts.
  14. Anna

    INTERESTED but....

    You can transfer it in its entirety, meaning you transfer the domain registration over to us as well and handle upcoming renewals through us. But to actually use the domain with our hosting you don't need to transfer the domain registration, it can still be with Tucows (which also means that the...
  15. Anna

    Important Errors when trying to login / reply for inactive email

    That domain is currently not active with our service, and it looks like the account it did belong to was removed on August 12th of 2019 after having been suspended for inactivity for 21 days, this termination information was found using your forum username as search term in the system. Looks...
  16. Anna

    Request for additional disk space.

    I have increased the available diskspace on your account. Please note though that you are also closing in on Inode cap, and this is not something that will be raised on free hosting. 1 Inode = 1 file or 1 folder (simplified explanation).
  17. Anna

    How can I request for increasing my disk space

    The requirements are: 1. Account being at least 7 days old. 2. Using 75% of the current diskspace. 3. Account follows ToS and AuP Your account fail on points 2 and 3, and is now suspended for ToS violation.
  18. Anna

    x12 down for a few weeks?

    I can see you had an inactivity suspension recently. Any attempt to use smtp (or any method that logins to the DirectAdmin server directly) would result in a failed login attempt during suspension. I'd guess that would explain why the saved credentials would fail.
  19. Anna

    FTPError 550 - Disk quota exceeded although I have 200mb in FTP + DB

    Bandwidth is unmetered (meaning there's no set cap, but if we spot an extreme usage we would likely check the account). Diskusage counts everything in your account, if you find yourself hitting the cap you can ask to have it increased, if you meet the requirements you would normally get the...
  20. Anna

    Need help unblacklisting my ip from my "server" my web access

    I have unblocked your IP. Please make sure you have the right user/pass, if needed to a password reset.