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    What U Guys Think
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    Had A Proxy Script On My Site

    I Had A Proxy Script On My Site Unaware It Was Against Policy I Will Remove ASAP When Unsuspended
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    Down Server

    Any Info On The Server
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    Check Out MySite

    Tell MeHow U Guys Like It
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    I Love X10

    If You Love X10 Hosting Reply
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    Acer Aspire One D250 LCD Problems Please Help

    I bought an Acer Aspire One D250 Netbook For $100 Bucks. The Laptop had a broken LCD. Me Thinking It was a quick fix bought it and bought a LCD for 57 Dollars. Now I Hooked It Up In The Sun I can see it but it has no backlight only when I hit FN +F6 I see the backlight flash for a quick second...
  7. S Ad Exchange

    I Would Give Anyone With A Hip-Hop Music Barbershop Hip-Hop or R&B artist, Or Any Nightclubs to come up with a 500px307px ad and has to be very creative and graphic email ads to :redface:
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    I am working on my website i used a prestashop template and i would like to know if anyone knows how to remove the bottom link saying template by i would like my site to look as professional as possible:frown::smile: And Do You Like The Layout
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    Love This Hosting

    I Love x10hosting