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    Changing from ubuntu-desktop to ubuntu-server

    Judging by your posts it seems like your new to Linux. I strongly recommend you either install a LAMP stack on your existing Ubuntu installation or install ubuntu-server over ubuntu-desktop. Only run the following commands if you feel comfortable working in a CLI. If you want to find out more...
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    My site

    I like the layout, but the weather channel icon looks weird. All you need now is some content.
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    my site! pc guidelk

    Your site looks really nice. I like the theme and the colors. Great articles too, I thought the keyboard computer was interesting. Keep up the good work.
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    My site

    Umm I don't think your site is showing up correctly. All I see are pictures with descriptions, and the links are broken. There's not much to review here.
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    Please review my first website

    Isn't this just the default IPBoard?
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    Amateur Site

    I wanted to make sure it would work on smaller resolutions. Though, I should have probably made that min-width. I don't understand what you mean by the header though. The header is an image; it'll be 100px no matter what. I think I'll end up having buttons you can click on to change the size...
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    Amateur Site

    Thanks guys. I'm going to change the nav's font. I'm not so sure about changing the fonts and having font-size set to small. I'll mess around with fonts though.
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    Review and Feedback

    Your site looks pretty good. Your header is a little big though; I have to scroll to see the actual content. The disclaimer on the front page isn't in line with the rest of the content. I think you should line that up.
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    Amateur Site

    Check out my site: I've done designs before but they've all been horrible. I think this one has turned out okay. I'd really like your opinion on it though. I still have to add spacing for paragraphs. Then I'll style some other tags (img, blockquote, code, etc.). I...
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    2 Body Backgrounds

    Okay I'm trying to code this: Here is the site so you can see what I have so far: Here are my files for the background: http://localhost/test/images/backgroundgrad.png AND...
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    How does this page look?

    Page looks really good. I disagree with what the others say about the gateway page. I think it's fine for certain types of sites (entertainers' sites).
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    Light Engine by AtomoS

    I wish I knew Russian. I'm learning German and know Spanish... anyway. That's a a very nice website you have. What is it about?
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    my site

    Your page is too wide. What is your site about? It seems like a bunch of links to other sites, other than your article. There's not much of a design (basically a background image), so there isn't much to critique.
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    My design website :D

    I can't scroll down the page. The footer gets cut off :(
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    Graphic Design -

    Nice design! I like the fixed one better than the fluid one. There's not much you should change. Well, maybe, your own favicon.
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    Account Not Linked

    @_@ Thanks man.
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    yet again for the 3rd time

    Took the words right out of my mouth. You might want to change the favicon too (icon in the address bar). I didn't have the scrollbar issue, then again my resolution is wider (1360x768). And why don't you use the banner in the top section, where it says your site name then the slogan? At first...
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    Review Free online Games site

    Another thing about the font is: I don't see it. I think only Microsoft OSs come with Microsoft Sans MS. I'm running Linux and can't see it, I don't know about Macs though. Your design is also kinda boring. Your code is also pretty sloppy. Your head element has a capitalized H, they should all...
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    Account Not Linked

    I've tried signing up for a new account, but it did not allow me to use xXJoker as my username. So I decided to use another name, but now it won't accept my email address. I am told that my email address is not available. I have already received an email saying that to activate my membership I...
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    Account Not Linked

    My CPanel username is xXJoker Thanks