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    C Dynamic String Allocation

    Hi, I am using C to make something, and part of it requires dynamic string allocation. It works, but not perfectly. The demo below prints "Hell World" instead of "Hello World". Please help me to find anything wrong in it. /* Dynamic String Allocation By Five Point Software 2008 */ #include...
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    Help with Javascript

    Hi, I'm making an isometric game engine in javascript, and it works great in Firefox, but it breaks in IE. Can someone help to get it working in IE, please? LINK:: I've added in some checks to the browser and added some changes to the style code...
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    New PHP/JS Hybrid Game

    Hi, I have been working on a small php/javascript hybrid game. You do NOT need any external programs (like adobe flash, ms silverlight, etc) apart from a reasonably good web browser, one which supports javascript at least. The graphics are crap, I know, but the underlying engine is what I have...
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    [REQ][100] Post on my forums

    Hi, I am offering 100 credits for 2 people to sign up and post 10 quality posts on my website. This is a first-come first-served offer, and the first 2 people to sign up and post 10 posts (making new threads count as 1 post) which are NOT spam, and reflect in your post count (your post count...
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    Five-Point Software

    Hi, I would just like to ask a small favour in reviewing my site, Five Point Software. We host software made by us, and are working on a few projects at the moment. Link: I would like constructive criticism and advice on how to improve, please. Also, in Google...
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    Selling sigs, 100 credits each

    Hi, I recently learnt how to make sigs like these: (Loading image from my upcoming game) (For my media player) And I will sell custom ones, for 100 credits each. I will need the following info: Background gradient(4-colour) colours Text gradient(4-colour) colours Shine type...
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    Hi to whoever is reading this, Just dropped in to say hello! I havent been very active on the forums, as I have been busy with exams and such. Now they are over, I can work on my site and be more active on the forums for support. Thanks for the great hosting package, souradipm