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    use of scripteen image uploading script?

    hey there can i use scripteen image uploading script to my free account
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    please please help me???

    tell me that can i run scripteen image script to my free hosting account or something like that for my personal or public use....??
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    please reactivate my account

    please reactivate my account.........:dunno:
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    reactivate my account

    please....reactivate my account it early:lockd:
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    please reactivate my account

    plz...........reactivated my account
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    How to turn of php:open_basedir

    can any1 plz tell me hoe to turn of php:open_basedir in free hosting
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    pointing domain to subdomain of my xhosting acc.

    i have registered a domain and point it to name server of x10hosting. Now i want to confirm that if i install phpbb on my account subdomain like abc.domain.x10hosting but i would like to point domain to this subdomain such that everything on phpbb is like or...