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    Cossacks Down ?

    Cossacks images don't work Hey, I'm on cossacks but all images aint working and more neither. whenever i go to the exact url of the image i get: the connection has been reinitialized. Regards, Xeross
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    Parked Domain Document Root

    Nvr Mind Delete
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    X10Hosting NameServers

    Hey, i was wondering if it was possible to use the nameservers of x10hosting for my website it is now using some external nameserver host but it would be a lot easier if it would be hosted here so i can manage it through cpanel. So is this possible ? thanks for your time, Xeross
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    Review My Website

    I've made this good looking layout and am wondering if anyone has any tips to improve it, please only comment on the layout because i'm still working on the content. Main website : My Music :
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    Wrong Password

    Hey, I am planning on using your services for hosting my website again, so i tried to login to the main websites panel ( and it sais wrong password, the forget password link takes me to the forum's page for the lost password how can i get the password to my website account reset ...
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    Password for main site wont change

    First a reference to my previous topic : Well i made a new account and after completion i tried to login to So i enter the username and...
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    there was an error retrieving your account's hosting type from the backend system.

    When i login i get An Error Has Occurred Although you've logged in successfully, there was an error retrieving your account's hosting type from the backend system. Please post on our forums to seek support on this issue. I don't remember my domain though, thought it was
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    Torrent Tracker

    Can i host a torrent tracker on my webspace or will you remove my account for that ?
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    VBulletin error

    when i try to access my VBulletin it gives me the following error : Fatal error: SUHOSIN - Use of eval is forbidden by configuration in /home/xeross/public_html/LFM_DPS/includes/functions.php(4836) : eval()'d code on line 4836 It worked fine yesterday, why do i get this error now ?