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    Account permantly suspended, however I need my files and Database.

    As the title says, My account has been suspended permanantly, however I had a lot of files on that I need badly. I also need my database so I can move onto a new server. Is there anyway I could be sent this or be provided temporary access to retrieve my files. I will loose a lot of stuff and I...
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    Please unsuspend my account Now.

    This is bogus, I don't recall uploading any nulled files. Besides can you please inform me where in the vBulletin FAQ where I'm not allowed to use nulled files if I own a license and it is valid? I don't appreciate these accusations and I believe that my account is suspended when it shouldn't...
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    My account Suspended wtf?

    Why is my account suspended? I already proved my vBulletin license is valid. I have nothing nulled on the server, wtf is going on?
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    Ioncube Loaders

    Can I have them installed on my server? I need to install a script that requires it.
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    Startka server way tooooooo slow

    Ok, my site moves way to slow. I have a forum and when I'm browsing it, its soooo freaking slow, it's starting to piss me off. Is there a way to switch servers and keep my hosting account?
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    I've updated my vbulletin license

    I've updated my vbulletin license to removed url for security, and I removed the files from removed url for security. Please unsuspend my account.