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    Chopin on high resource usage

    I hope someone is monitoring heavy resource usage on Chopin. If the status link from cPanel is showing a true picture, I'm kind of worrried. I have never seen memory usage that high. Here's how it looked just now (12:44 PM Eastern 7/8/09): Server Load 9.05 (4 cpus) Memory Used 90.4 %
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    MySQL storage

    Before I get too far ahead with the development of my site (Free Hosting, Ad Free) I wanted to know: (1) If x10Hosting places any storage cap for MySQL databases, or is it part of overall account storage limit? (2) How many tables can a DB have? (3) How big a table can be? Any storage...
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    intermediate (v2) php and file uploads

    Does anyone know if a php script (V2, Intermediate) with free account is able to handle (and eventually store them in a mysql db) user uploaded files (images)? By researching in this forum, I am convinced that I won't be able to do it with basic (V1) php, but I am not sure if V2 will be...
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    PHP upgrade to Intermediate (v2)?

    I can imagine maximum efforts have been placed to resolve some of the server issues x10 is experiencing, but if someone could manage to upgrade my PHP version, that will be greatly appreciated. For a few days, I thought there was something screwy in my script as if failed to read the uploaded...