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    HI .. my account has been suspended for high resource usage and automatic unsuspensions are off. What all I did is to use ftp and download my files to localhost. this is truth and even this caused a suspension.Which is quite strange Can you please help resetting the suspension robot to...
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    Newbies: How not to get suspended and still run a site on X10 free hosting

    Most of us do not read Terms and conditions and if have had done so,we might not have read between lines.This post is for all freehosting members who would like to be active on X10 and have a happy going here. Rule1: No warez,No nulled scripts(like nulled Vbulletin etc) ,no proxies If...
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    CRONs not working what ever I do

    Dear Sir, I have tried searching for Cron on x10 forum and found the following statements which never worked. /usr/bin/php /home/bobycv/public_html/cron/Test.php php -q /home/bobycv/public_html/cron/Test.php php-cron /home/bobycv/public_html/cron/Test.php wget -O /dev/null...
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    Hi new bie here

    Hi all, In India it is festival time..and I wish you all a Happy HOLI HOLI is the color festival in India where ppl play with colors.. have fun