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    Account Deletion Request - Please delete my free hosting account.

    cPanel username: mil1ion ( X) Inserting an X inside the parentheses signifies that I have made all necessary backups of my free hosting account and will not hold x10Hosting responsible for any data I am unable to recover after my free hosting account is deleted. The X also serves as my digital...
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    Where to find nameserver and IP address?

    Hi. I'm trying to park a domain name to my website. The domain name is asking for my nameserver and IP address. I looked around in the CPanel but wasn't able to find anything. Where do I find these two things?
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    Question about importing MySQL database into phpmyadmin

    This is a different question from my previous one. When you import a database into phpmyadmin does it have to be a text file, because when I export it on my other server I can just dump it all and then copy it into a text file, but it just keeps getting longer and longer and doesn't seem to stop...
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    Will I get suspended for sending emails?

    I just want to check and make sure I can't get suspended for sending emails on my account. I moved to X10 because my old web host's TOS said you would be suspended for mass email, and I accidentally had automatic emails turned on and was sending emails to some of my users each day. I just want...
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    Help moving MySQL database from old webhost to here. Gives error.

    So I am trying to move a MySQL database from my old webhost on to X10. First what I do is export the old one in PHPMyadmin. I only have the options of zip, gzip, or bzip. It doesn't matter which one I do because when I go to PHPMyadmin on X10 and try to import it, it gives me a mile long error...
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    How to restore drupal from backup?

    How to restore drupal mysql database from backup? So I have been using a different web host for a while, but they had very bad support and so I wanted to switch here. On my CPanel there was an option to do a backup and I got two files. I got the full backup for my website, and I also had Drupal...