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    Halt! Cannot access cpanel

    I cannot access my cpanel for some weird reason. I've been using x10hosting for the past 4 years without any issues, nor have I ever "abused" your services, so to suddenly get this message was a bit shocking! I've accessed x10's servers from this network in the past without any issues, but for...
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    Setting up a cron job [[free hosting]]

    I have a php script in <> which I want to execute every 30 mins. I know cron job is the way to go. I haven't set up cron jobs in the past, can anyone guide me about how to go about it? Like, in the Cron Jobs section of the cpanel, what is the command that I need to give? And...
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    Unable to park new domain

    I get this whenever I try to park in my account.. The nameservers of the domain name are set to those listed here Kindly help...
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    .tk domains allowed

    I'd like to know if I can have an addon domain with .tk extension or not. I had read some time back that .tk domain name were no more supported by x10hosting, is that true?
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    Can Python be implemented

    Is it possible to implement python in my website? And if it is, how do I go about doing it? This link mentions of a tutorial which is no more please help..
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    Phishing for EDUCATION ONLY

    Hello, I was practising how to make phishing pages - I repeat for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE ONLY. Google Chrome reported my sub-domain ( ) for this. Is there any hosting problem in this regard? Is there any way out (say with a declaration that this is for...
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    Moodle not working

    I installed Moodle at this link, got the notifications and email of successful completions of the same, but the site is not loading at all. Why so?
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    Donation script

    Is there any free script available in Softaculous (or elsewhere in the market) that can help receive donations for an organisation?
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    Website coming soon Page shows up!

    It's been an hour since I purchased the domain and parked it in my a/c (along with update of nameservers), but still the link redirects me to How long will it take for my domain to be setup on x10's servers? I...
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    Wordpress issue

    Getting error "Fatal error: Out of memory (allocated 25427968) (tried to allocate 30720 bytes) in /home/soumik/public_html/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/shortcodes/slide.php on line 99" when loading my Blog. Earlier today there were no such issues. What went wrong suddenly?
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    Addon Domain not propagating even after 37 hours

    My addon domain has not been showing up even after 37 hours of setting my nameservers...I had installed wp in it, but still it is not showing up. I had opened up a support request as well but didn't get any reply (support is pretty poor here). WHAT DO I DO NOW...
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    Nameservers for an addon domain

    I'm creating an addon domain in my a/c...What are the nameservers that I must set in my domain? Anything else needs to be done for getting that domain to work?
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    Backup of my website

    How do I take a backup of my website from the cpanel?
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    Error establishing a database connection

    Why is it that my blog is showing "Error in establishing a database connection" ?
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    parked domain problem

    I've setup my site as and now want to use for this, a parked domain would do but I want to appear in the browser bar as well (instead of in my site pages. Pls suggest a soln..And since I've already setup my site, I'm not...
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    Just a small verification..takes one minute to reply

    I currently have my website hosted with x10 subdomain i.e. I want to use my own domain <mydomain>.com instead of so that gets known as <mydomain>.com which means I should go on with a parked domain r8? By what I've understood an addon domain allows you...
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    database problem

    I was shifting from another webhost, so over there I took a backup of my site along with th related database. I uploaded all the related files in my domain but am unable to upload/connect the related database. Can anyone help me as to how to upload the .sql database?
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    Upgrading a domain

    First I used now suppose I wanna use (Say I registered it somewhere)....Can anyone detail it out to me step-by-step how exactly to do it? Thanks in advance
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    free hosting Signup issue

    Today I got an error msg that the domain name I've opted for my hosting a/c is already taken, but I by chance opted for the "re-submit for signup" option....:frown: Is it that after a few days I'm again gonna face the same error msg? Or is it that the admins can help me edit my domain name? My...
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    free hosting signup QUEUE

    I'm wondering if ever my account for free hosting signup is gonna be completed....I mean this is damn ridiculous for an account to be pending for so long.....:mad::mad::mad: my email add that I've used for signup is May I know by when is this "Downtime Server Error"...