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    Can't transfer credits

    I'm trying to transfer credits to another user but get this message: 'Transferring of this currency has not been configured' Can it be fixed? Thanks
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    .htaccess redirect subdomain help please

    I was using a subdomain: but I have deleted it now and would like it to redirect to: I googled for hours for examples but nothing seems to work, even though it seems like it should be easy. Can anyone help with telling me exactly what...
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    What's with the annoying hidden adverts?

    Using Opera and Firefox I have misaligned adverts apppearing on mouse-over of the margins in the forums, but they don't appear in IE. I find them really annnoying and wouldn't mind if they stayed visible all the time, or just weren't there, or at least were lined up properly! Anyone else think...
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    Not allowed to post in Feedback and Suggestions!?

    Admin please help - for some reason I don't have permission to post in the Feedback and Suggestions section, even though I have posted in there before. Anyone know what's going on? :dunno:
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    How to re-use an RSS feed?

    I have access to an RSS feed, (eg www.booksgo' that I want to make available at I don't want the url to re-direct, I want the feed to be imported somehow and on the x10 server at Is that sort of thing...
  6. B security certificate?

    Is it safe? When I click on Account Addons in cPanel I get this message from Opera: The server's certificate chain is incomplete, and the signer(s) are not registered. Accept?
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    PHP script - adding target="_blank" to links

    Can anyone help with adding <rel="nofollow" target="_blank"> to the code for the 'link' below? I tried adding it in various places, without success. Thanks for any help. <?php /* RSS Extractor and Displayer (c) 2007 - Licence Mozilla 1.1. rsslib.php Requirements...
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    Re: Problem Viewing Home Page - mdss08 Viewing the page with Opera I get a security warning I've never seen before: (1) The server's name "" does not match the certificate's name "". Somebody may be trying to...
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    AWS/PHP/mySQL - clueless newbie needs help!

    I sell books on and what I'd like to do is have all my items on Amazon linked from my not-yet-built website hosted on x10. So I was thinking that for a start I'd use AWS to retrieve my listings using this...
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    Hello, and thanks x10

    Hello everyone and thank you to x10 for providing such a great service - it's excellent value for money! :cool: