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    "There is no website configured at this address"

    I didn't meddle with anything! I don't know why it's not working, but it's really hurting the functionality of my site...if someone could please help me, thanks so much! username: cswong site: Edit I can get onto cpanel, and in the file manager, all my files are there, but I just...
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    "There is no website configured at this address"

    Hi, I'm having major problems with my site (and at the worst time, too; ugh, Murphy). Even at 3 AM yesterday, I was able to get to my site ( After posting about a problem with the domain not changing in the address bar as I change from page to page, I woke up this...
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    Domain/subdomain problem: URL in address bar doesn't change?

    Hi everyone, My site,, uses the Advanced plan and uses Joomla CMS. I just got a domain transferred to me. When I got the owner to point the dns to and when I went under "Modify Account" and changed my domain to "", everything worked...
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    hi everyone!

    Hi everyone! My name is Charlene, hailing from New Jersey. I play the electric guitar, and I'll be learning the bagpipes this summer. Just thought I'd pop by and say hello!
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    My name's Charlene, I hail from New Joisey... No really. I hear lots of people talking with that accent. xD Makes me laugh sometimes. What can I say about myself? I like history, reading history, defending history from my friends' insults, and making up my own history. Which is always fun...