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    My Cpanel will not let me login

    Hey if anyone could help My CPanel will not let me login however my site works fine. thats link to login.
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    The Outfit 2

    Hello Everybody, I just put up & tested my new game The Outfit. I deleted all users and everything else because it was alot easier to create a new sql file than edit it through PhpMyAdmin. The Outfit is a Text-Based RPG where you take the role of a Mobster. Features: Explore...
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    [PHP] Staff Needed

    I am looking for an expierienced coder to help me develope my Text Based RPG The Outfit ( ) You need to be highly knowlegeable in PHP,MySql & PHPMyAdmin It would be nice if you could show some examples.... Post in this forum with you application like so Name...
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    [selling] Advertise On My Site. 500 Cred Weekly

    I am offering Text & Link banner ads on my site for 500 creds a week. The site is a Text-Based RPG game that is currently in beta-stage Your ads will be displayed on the bottom of the Homepage/Login page, Explore page, Search The Streets Page (when its added), & The Announcements Page. The...
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    Review My Text Based RPG

    Hey guys I just opened my Text Based RPG to open Public beta testing It is not done 100% there is still stuff i am workingon and need to add but everything on there should be fully functional and it is sorta fun without the stuff not added. I am hoping to add it all within 2 weeks. I still...
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    Need Cron Help Badly

    first off, Sorry if this is in wrong topic, this just seems a logical palce to put it. ----- Im makin a Text-Based RPG game ( & i have a cron writtin to make the health,Brave (nerve,courage w/e u wanna call it) & will go up every 5 minutes. I dont think my...