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  1. phoebex2

    How to edit JavaScript?

    More information would be helpful... If you're using pages with editing features embedded in them, maybe you should try making pages in a simple text editor and uploading those instead.
  2. phoebex2

    Issues loading site

    It's one of the hazards of free hosting, they tend to have to work on the server more and it means more downtime. Once you learn to live with it, it's still worth more than we paid for it.
  3. phoebex2

    Review my website

    Looks pretty okay so far, but I know it'll get better. The orange color scheme looks good for the kind of site it is, it's eye-catching and orange is known to make people want things (stimulates appetites).
  4. phoebex2

    Who killed x10 forums?

    Well, whatever you were doing in 2007, start doing it again, and maybe it'll become super-busy again. XD
  5. phoebex2

    Issues loading site

    Yeah, watch this thread and others. Then you get alerts on the forum page, at least. Other than that, I'd say if your site suddenly starts working and doesn't stop, the issues were fixed.
  6. phoebex2

    Databse deleted

    When it asks if you're sure you want to delete a database, and warns that all data will be irretrievably lost... you can always say no. I think on the free hosting we're allowed 2 databases, and I know it's not enough for users with multiple applications who need one for each, but yeah. It...
  7. phoebex2

    how to delete access logs

    By asking about it in the free hosting support forum. Welcome to the community, and I hope you find the answers you seek.
  8. phoebex2

    So far, so good...

    Yes, Kowalski. The immigration guy couldn't spell Kawasaki. Actually, I do have a non-asian last name, but it's not Kowalski (my mother married an American, though they don't really speak to each other anymore). I just like having some modicum of privacy on the internet. My family is a bit...
  9. phoebex2

    The Forum Desperately Needs This.

    I have some friends in the Vietnamese Mafia, but technology is their Achilles' heel. I'll probably have to look into outsourcing for this.
  10. phoebex2

    My wordpress installation won't let me upload media

    The "force thumbnail regeneration" plugin is the recommended workaround for this, at present. If you're uploading images and they won't thumbnail or display or it hangs up with an error on upload, this is probably what you need. There, I figured I'd save you a little clicking and reading. If...
  11. phoebex2


    You know you're allowed to make your own hello thread, right? That aside, welcome to the forums and if you need anything don't be afraid to ask.
  12. phoebex2

    Imagepng won't return an image;

    It's a dynamically generated image, not a static (or saved) image. It's generated on the fly and doesn't "exist" in realtime like a jpeg or something saved from a website. It saves storage space, as it's not a "physical" file in the sense that a saved and uploaded image is, see? Think of it...
  13. phoebex2

    The Forum Desperately Needs This.

    If you think we can get the funding, I can make an account for the project on Github or something. While I like the antedated ichthyian response mode idea, there's just something innately satisfying, nay, symbolic in the use of cylindrical pork and chicken products. (I'll rack this one up to a...
  14. phoebex2

    The Forum Desperately Needs This.

    I've been doing a lot of thinking, and I've decided that we need to pool our collective intellects and come up with a forum module or plugin that allows us to press a button and on the other end of the internet a hand will come out of someone's monitor and slap them with a hot dog. This would...
  15. phoebex2

    Changing name servers?!?

    It requires a 4chan GOLD account, which can be obtained from the Secret Area of VIP Quality.
  16. phoebex2

    Change server name

    What a brilliant introduction! You're going to do great here!
  17. phoebex2 doesn't resolve to index.html

    Mine took a few hours, then it was fine. If the domain stuff is set properly, and it's had a day to resolve, it should clear up on its own. Just hang in there.
  18. phoebex2

    Who killed x10 forums?

    It seems a little livelier than when I first showed up, at least.
  19. phoebex2

    problemas dominio - servidor

    Sí, sólo tiene que utilizar x10. Creo que podría arreglar el problema. Using only x10 should fix it.
  20. phoebex2

    SMTP error

    leafypiggy is here, by the way, and can probably explain better than I can, but yeah, it's being worked on. Glad I could help, even if it's only a little.