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    Low Power PC, (Relatively) High Power PSU

    Thanks Smith. I actually have a spare P4 rig lying around. I think I will measure its power usage under various circumstances before actually going for a low power embedded solution. Going by the online power calculators the P4 would use around 171W and an Atom based setup would use around 97W...
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    Low Power PC, (Relatively) High Power PSU

    Thanks Zangetsu. My main concern is power and maybe noise. Why do you recommend the Atom board with the Ion chipset? I am not too concerned with graphic capabilities, I would simply like a low power board with enough processing power to handle basic tasks act as a File and Media server which...
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    Do you read contracts/terms of service/licenses?

    I don´t usually, if I feel it is something I can trust or I am not actually going to use constantly. However I recently saw some tools which will analyse a EULA for you and highlight potentially "interesting" terms. I have not actually had time to test them but these are the ones I have seen...
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    Top 5 Sites You Visit?

    1. Engadget 2. Google (iGoogle, Mail, Analytics) 3. Blogger 4. ebay 5. (yes I know, my own blog)
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    Low Power PC, (Relatively) High Power PSU

    I want to build a low power computer for use as a home server/always on machine. I want to use a low power embedded board such as a VIA C7 based mini-itx board. However I want to use parts I already have such as Micro ATX PSU, RAM, HDD, Case, case size does not matter to me and seeing I already...
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    Embed Mp3 Player - Deny download access

    I guess this has been touched upon in this thread But I want to be more specific. I am looking for a, preferably free, but would pay for it if it works, embeddable audio player which would deny attempts to download the...
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    why do we believe in a religion?

    I believe that there is a need for belief. And that this manifestation (or one of the manifestations) is called Religion. Personally I don't believe or follow a religion per say but I do observe certain religious practises related to the religion I was born in. This is not however due to belief...
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    Whois Guard/Protection and the ICANN Policy

    Ah OK. I decided to actually read the Whois Guard terms and services. "By subscribing to the WhoisGuard™ Privacy Protection Services (“WhoisGuard™ Services”), you are engaging us to register each domain name controlled by you (“Protected Domain”) in the name of WhoisGuard™." "You will retain...
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    Whois Guard/Protection and the ICANN Policy

    Firstly I'm not sure this is in the right forum, so please move if necessary. I have both my domains at Namecheap, who offered free WhoisGuard when I transferred/renewed/registered for a year. I have since found that Namecheap actually own and operate WhoisGuard. This made me a bit curious...
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    A question about Multiple Monitors

    Thanks guys, It would be quite easy to buy a splitter cable and see, seeing they are not expensive. Unfortunately I wont be able to do this till the end of June, as not home at the moment. I'll put a post up here when I am able to.
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    A question about Multiple Monitors

    I have a Gainward 9400Gt (NVIDIA) with a Dual Link DVI (DVI-DL) and a VGA port. I currently have two 17" monitors hooked up, one to the DVI port and one to the VGA port in extended desktop configuration I would like to add a third Monitor (which would be VGA, 15") as a clone of the desktop. Is...
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    Free Software Suggestions

    Software Category: Imaging/Utilities Software Name: LightScreen Short Description: Lightscreen is a simple tool to automate the tedious process of saving and cataloging screenshots, it operates as a hidden background process that is invoked with one (or multiple) hotkeys and then saves a...
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    Virtual OS on Flash Drive?!

    QEMU Puppy is what ypu want: It is an older version of Puppy Linux but works fine and has pretty much all you need and it is possible to install new packages. You can just double click on the exe and voila. Also works inside linux via shell script...
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    Audio interference problem.

    Cheers, I have tried ebuyer,,,, ebay etc etc but still cannot find a good micro atx psu in the uk Can you guys recommend any good american sites for a psu please?
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    Audio interference problem.

    Cheers for the advice. To be clearer both sets of speakers use USB for power and a standard 3.5 cable for audio. I have tried moving the speakers, cables around but still same problem. It most likely is the PSU affecting things as I have read about something similar elsewhere but I will try...
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    Audio interference problem.

    I recently replaced my PSU on my micro atx system to a 400w (from 200 w) and to add a 7950GT graphics card and second harddrive. (I run Ubuntu 8.04). Since then I have had a strange buzzing sound coming from my PC speakers. Since the sound does not come from any headphones I attach I guessed the...
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    You also install Ubuntu from within Windows, probably best to dual boot, see: Wubi Installer sounds good, never tried it myself but Ubuntu is one of the best distros.
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    USB switch help!

    Hi I have an Epson Stylus DX8400 series all-in-one printer/scanner which I wanted to connect to two PCs one of which would be through a print server. I wanted to easily switch between the two PCs to enable to scan and print from one and to print only from the other through the print server. I...
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    Corrupt files from NAS over FTP

    Hi guys, I have a problem with my NAS enclosure. (Its a cheapo Safecom NSURF - 10100F) Problem is: Firstly I transfer good exe or setup files to it from my PC, over FTP , using FileZilla. Transfer mode is Auto but I have tried Binary transfer only. I then download the file back, via FTP...
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    Please review

    Hi This is a site I have been meaning to upload for a long time: :biggrin: All comments welcome. Thank you.