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  1. TechAsh

    NeoBux just paid me!

    Hi, I know that there are a couple of threads on a similar subject, however I just wanted to say that NeoBux really do pay, and that I received my first payment a couple of days ago. I have written and article on my Blog about NeoBux for anyone that's interested, it includes screenshots...
  2. TechAsh

    Cheap Microsoft software for students - Not Spam :-P

    If you are in School in the UK and want Office 2007 or other software cheap I recommend checking out this site: Unbelievably it is for real.
  3. TechAsh

    Happy Birthday to me!

    Yay! :-P
  4. TechAsh

    What's wrong with this?

    This code works fine: function getBandWidth($total) { $cpanel = new cPanel('*******', '******', '*****', 2083, true, 'x3'); $bu = 156.93; $bt = $total; $bf = $bt-$bu; $percf = $bf/$bt*100; $percu = $bu/$bt*100; $outp = round(($percf/100*122)+1, 2); if ($percu >=...
  5. TechAsh

    Review My Site - Earthtime Games

    Please can I have some feedback on my website (Earthtime Games). It is a gaming site built using Joomla, however currently there are not many games (But I'm going to add more soon). Link:
  6. TechAsh

    Friday 13th ...

    Did anything strange/scary/unexplained/bad happen to you today? For me it was just like any other Friday. I'm not superstitious.
  7. TechAsh

    Does anyone run BOINC?

    I was just wondering how many people on these Forums run BOINC on their computer. If you do run BOINC, which project do you participate in? If you don't run BOINC, why not? The image in my sig shows which projects I run.
  8. TechAsh

    Free Software Suggestions

    Use this thread to post idea & suggestions for programs that you think should be added to the 'Free Software' list. Please post your suggestions in this format: Software Category: ........... Software Name: ............... Short Description: ............. Link: .............................
  9. TechAsh

    Free Software List

    Free Software Web Browsers FireFox The award-winning Web browser. One of the most popular of the IE alternatives. Opera Another award-winning Web browser. Flock "The browser for people who like to be connected." Maxthon Easy to use and powerful web browser. Safari Apple's industry leading...
  10. TechAsh

    PuTTy Tray

    I found this a couple of weeks ago. It is a improved version of the PuTTy SSH and Telnet client. New Features include: New default icon Minimizing to the system tray (on CTRL + minimize, always or directly on startup) (Tray) icon customizable Blinks tray icon when a bell signal is received...
  11. TechAsh

    CRON jobs Vanished!

    I noticed that my MySQL backups haven't run since the 1st of April, so I looked in the Cron section of cPanel and all my cron jobs were gone. Can someone explain this.:dunno: I don't really mine putting them back again, but I want to be sure it won't happen again. Username = techash Server =...
  12. TechAsh

    Aspell help

    I want to use aspell on my wiki (I've got the FCKeditor extension), and I know aspell is installed in "/usr/lib/aspell-0.60/". But what I want to know is, what is the name of the program/executable is. I need to have the complete path for it to work, and I can't fin what it should be. Please...
  13. TechAsh

    Enable logs for my account please

    Can you enable logs for my account so AwStats will work. cPanel Username = techash Subdomain = Server = Absolut
  14. TechAsh

    Advanced PHP

    I have the Advanced PHP version on my account (techash) on Absolut. But I've just got this error: I'm sure that passthru() is supposed to be enable (It says so on the Account Panel) Has something changed? Or was there an error in upgrading my account. I need this feature for my Wiki...
  15. TechAsh

    PHP upgrade request not answered.

    I requested a PHP upgrade a couple of days ago (Can't remember exactly how long), and I haven't received a reply. It says that you will get a reply within 24 hours. Username = techash Server = absolut EDIT - I've just received it, and my request was accepted.
  16. TechAsh

    Error: REMOTE_ADDR not set, PHP Backup Script

    I'm having problems with a PHP backup script I use. It is run daily via a cron job, and it's job is to create a gzip backup of my databases, then save it on the server and also e-mail me a copy. The error I'm getting is: Here is the contents of 'phpmysqlautobackup_extras.php': <?php...
  17. TechAsh

    Cron Not Running

    My cron jobs don't seem to be being run. 0 4 * * * cd /home/techash/backups/mysql ; php -q run_familywebsite.php 0 4 * * * cd /home/techash/backups/mysql ; php -q run_earthtime.php These scripts are suposed to create a backups of my databases then e-mail it to me. But the last time they ran...
  18. TechAsh

    Cron error

    I get this error in the Cron section of cPanel on absolut /usr/bin/crontab permissions are wrong. Please set to 4755 I know your are very busy at the moment, I don't mind waiting a couple of days.
  19. TechAsh


    Hi, just thought I'd say hello. I came to X10 because i got so fed up with ZendURL, they took over a month to add a hard drive. In fact they only good thing was the Forum (When it was working). So far I haven't really had any problems with X10. I will try and help out whenever I can.