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  1. Brandon

    Stoli Issue

    Hello, Currently we are working with our datacenter to resolve the issue with stoli. Once more information is obtained we will pass it along.
  2. Brandon

    Free Hosting Update

    Hello Folks, This is just an update on what we have been working on with free hosting. Currently we have moved over the starka, boru, and chopin servers to the new servers, and we are currently working on moving all of the servers too new web servers, which is where the problem lies now. There...
  3. Brandon

    x10Hosting's Community Minecraft Server

    Hello Folks, x10Hosting is now currently operating a community Minecraft server, you can access it by putting either of the following URL's into your Minecraft Player (Alpha Client). More information about Minecraft can be found...
  4. Brandon

    Stoli Reboot

    Hello, Stoli is currently being rebooted to fix the full disk issue, will update when done.
  5. Brandon

    Chopin Reboot

    Hello, We are taking chopin down for a reboot currently, it will be back up soon.
  6. Brandon

    calling all wow players

    i need some help with wow trying to do something if you can help let me know. need to find out how to extract my maps and vmaps.
  7. Brandon

    Test Ticket

    This is a test.
  8. Brandon

    Boru Offline

    Hello, We are aware boru is currently offline and are working currently to fix the problem. We will update you here when it's resolved.
  9. Brandon

    x10Hosting Community Game Servers

    Hey Folks, x10Hosting now has some community game sever you are all free to come and play. We are running a Counter Strike Source server @ ( We are also running a Team Fortress 2 Server @ ( All of our...
  10. Brandon

    x10Hosting's Counter-Strike:Source Server Feel free too come by and play.
  11. Brandon

    Any Good?

    Well, I am looking at buying a new PC soon. This look good to you guys? I am not worried about price or building my own system, want a nice out of the box...
  12. Brandon

    When does school start for you guys?

    For me, September 3rd :)
  13. Brandon

    Oh Yea :)

    I forgot to tell you all, I got my license and got my car insured/registered so watch out:).
  14. Brandon

    Stoli Transfer

    Hello, We will be starting this now. The new IP is '', which is to be used if you run your own DNS.
  15. Brandon

    Cossacks Transfer

    Cossacks will be the second server to be transferred. We will start the process in 2 hours. For those of you wondering, the new server IP is ''. This is to be used if you have custom DNS only.
  16. Brandon

    New Fast And Furious Trailer

    Not suitable for all viewers ;) I take no liability. It looks awesome, I'll be seeing it in theaters I'll tell you that much.
  17. Brandon

    Imperial Hand Glaze

    This stuff works great, it's for paint on your car (or my case bike). Anybody else ever use this stuff? $25 from 3M...
  18. Brandon

    Happy 4th of July!

    Well guys, happy 4th of July to all the American's out there and happy birthday America.
  19. Brandon

    My thoughts on Tha Carter III!

    Hello, I just wanted to post my thoughts on the album Tha Carter III by Lil Wayne. It's a very good album, full of some of Lil Wayne's greatest raps. 10 / 10. Anybody else here like it?
  20. Brandon

    Services Up/Down

    Hello, This will show if our various VPS servers are up or down. Node: Vox Status: