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    Server Moves

    i am glad that the servers have been moved/upgraded however some prior notice would have been nice so we could prepare for downtime.
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    Which Web Browser you like most?

    I use chrome
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    No more feature-limited Wordpress host. Awesome.

    Hi and welcome to X10 hosting, why not post your site in review my site so you can get some views and feedback from the X10 community.
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    How would you rate x10hosting and why?

    i voted B, the reason being is the amount of downtime i have experienced with x10 and the lack of support staff, other than that X10 is a brilliant free host and the greatest thing for me is the large amount of disc space and the way PHP is configured like 24M upload size.
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    How to access cPanel?

    login to your X10 portal then there is a blue box saying "Access cPanel" click this then use file manager or setup a ftp account and delete everything in the "public_html" folder then upload your site or forum software.
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    Windows 7 - 5 Rare Power Shortcuts

    thanks for sharing this, these short cuts will be handy.
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    Backup feature in cpanel

    Hi x10 members, just a quick suggestion that i think would be very useful. When my site was hosted with another host (saying no names) i had a backup feature that would zip all the files in my public_html folder and a dump of all the databases i had. I know it can be done manually through file...
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    Mail() function issues

    i also have this issue, also smtp has stopped working on starka and support are no help :/
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    php mail function

    i have the same issue on starka also google SMTP is not working anymore and support just closed my ticket with no reply. Useless.
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    anybody else having trouble with mail?

    Hi all, i was using google SMTP for email but for some reason that has stopped working and i cannot get it going again, however i would like to use php mail but i keep getting the following error E-mail error » EMAIL/PHP/mail() /forums/cron.php My server is Starka, and i am using PHPBB and...
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    Getting cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi

    Your website appears to be working ok on my end.
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    Addon domain errors

    i feel your pain, my ticket is still unanswered
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    Are support tickets being dealt with at all or will they just be deleted

    this is what i want to know, all i want to do is add my domain as a addon but the servers are screwed up as usual. Im going to start looking for a different host.
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    You need to do better than this, x10

    i have to agree, with everything you said and the only thing that has kept me here so far is that i like the file manager in the cpanel and the way they have the php setting setup. mainly 24M upload size. As of now i am hosting my site else ware as i cannot for the life of me add my domain as a...
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    Im On Boru And My Site Is nOT oPENING

    i cant access the backend on starka either. I think the servers are down
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    Ad a new addon domain problem

    i am also having the same problem. i also removed my parked domain and tried to re-park it thinking it was a problem my end and now i cant park that domain either! also support is down and irc wasn't much help
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    it may be due to the upgrade / maintenance.
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    custom 404 error page.

    Thank you, i did read somewhere that i had to add some lines in the .htaccess but wasn't sure how to do it. Will give it a try when the free hosting comes back online. Once again thank you.
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    custom 404 error page.

    Hi all, i have tried making a custom 404 error page in the c panel to redirect people back to the index page, however i cannot get it working, it still keeps showing the standard X10 page. Any solutions? posted in here as i don't want to bother the staff with a ticket if it is a easy fix...