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  1. omnirom

    Anyone want to trade a Pownce invite for Demonoid?

    I have a couple of Pownce invites left. If you don't know what it is yet, its a social network site developed by Kevin Rose, the same guy behind Digg. Pownce invites are VERY rare at this stage, but I'm still willing to make a trade. PM me if you want to trade. -Omnirom
  2. omnirom

    PLEASE delete my dns entries

    I have been pming mods for over a month and have started multiple threads. All I need is for an admin to delete my dns entries so I can park my domain. I cannot do it myself, only an admin has the ability to. What do I have to do to get a little support? This will take SECONDS. I will donate...
  3. omnirom

    Admin Help

    I have a couple of things that can only be done by an admin. 1. First, I need someone to delete my DNS entries so that I can park my domain. 2. Second, can I have my account recreated because it displays an "Apache is working on your cPanel and WHM Server" error page. Thanks in advance
  4. omnirom

    Modify Account doesn't work

    When I click 'modify account', it displays a blank page. Any way we can get this fixed?
  5. omnirom

    Admin Help

    I read a thread on some other [LINK REMOVED] website about the same problem with domain parking that I have. Basically, when I try to park my domain, I get the error that it is owned by another user, eventhough name servers are set correctly. In the [NAME REMOVED] thread, an admin changed...
  6. omnirom

    No website configured error

    When visiting my site I get an error that reads "There is no website configured at this address" by cpanel. My cpanel works, and I have all defaults in my index manager and there are no redirects. Anyone know of a solution?
  7. omnirom

    Account deleted

    Hey x10, long time no see! I've been busy with school work.. During the time x10 was switching servers, my site,, went down. The domain I purchased,, displays an apache message, but I'm positive that this is from the domain service, not x10. Any way...
  8. omnirom

    Could I get an Admin to delete my DNS?

    Sorry.. I was testing something out with redirections.. Apparently if you add a * after x10hosting/, you cannot remove that redirect... Site: cpanel name: quay
  9. omnirom

    2 new projects

    Like the other ones, these were made for school Oh, btw bobshandel, I used the scanline thing you gave me for the background of the shield one :biggrin:
  10. omnirom

    Linking my account

    I still don't get the confirmation email. Several other people have had the same problem in the announcement thread: ... I've waited for the email for 4 days, and have sent a new request each day, but still havn't got the confirmation email
  11. omnirom

    Project covers / boards

    Just thought I'd share some project I did first year for school: done for friend for $15 : ) Very noobish, but done in record time ; ) Very plain and simple again.. The thing at top is hand drawn Drew this on a transparency which was placed over the title. As you can see, I...
  12. omnirom

    Page isn't redirecting properly

    I bought a domain and domain forwarding for Whenever I visit i get a page isn't redirecting properly error. How do I solve this? Thanks in advance, Omnirom
  13. omnirom

    Remove DNS entry?

    Could an admin remove a DNS entry on my account so that I can park the domain Currently, it says the domain is owned by another user, though I have bought it. Thanks
  14. omnirom

    Not found error

    When I try to access my page: (remove *) www.quay*, I get a not found error, but www.quay* works. I bought domain forwarding using tech horizon, and it used to work until I was testing different things and removed quay* from the parked domains on my...
  15. omnirom

    Page not displaying

    Hi, I have a corporate account at "", and want "" to forward here. Before, "" was forwarding somewhere else, but I changed the domain to forward to as well as nameservers to the x10hosting ones about 2 days ago, but I still get a page...