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  1. harmonixx

    hello everyone

    hi there guys i am not new to x10 hosting but i have never formaly said hello to everyone......i have been into computers for many years and my first computer was a spectrum Now how many of you guys remember that small little rubber keyed computer:drool:but i do have to say for a...
  2. harmonixx

    please look at my site

    Hi there guys and girls......I have just started building my site and would like to know what you think of it.....the basic idea is there i just want you the publics view on how it looks.....Any ideas or critisism will be noted....thankyou very much:drool:
  3. harmonixx

    X10 are best for free hosting

    I really have to say that X10 are the best i know for free hosting....Great work guys you all deserve a real big pat on the back for making something like this possible.....You are the business.....I know i have the ad free account but i am certainly going to put your ads on my site regardless...
  4. harmonixx

    are flash intro's allowed

    hi there guys....just a simple question really i added a flash intro to my frontpage now i know i did the html right for it to show but for some reason its not working...are you not allowed to have flash intro's on free hosting........??? any input will be grateful...
  5. harmonixx

    cannot log in2 c panel

    :cool:thankyou martin for the information.I apologise 4 not puttin my right must of had a blonde moment and again thankyou very much;)
  6. harmonixx

    cannot log in2 c panel

    hi there.I signed up for a new site and i cannot login to cpanel my site is and my user name is harmonixx.Could anyone please help thankyou
  7. harmonixx

    i am an old user how would i reset a new website

    That sounds excellent.Thankyou for your time and advice its well appreciated and i hope you all are doing well.I will try it now thankyou very much:drool:
  8. harmonixx

    i am an old user how would i reset a new website

    i dont have an account as such now.All i can do is log into the forums on this account.I dont really want to lose this name as it has a few credits on it aswell ;) but i cannot login to the account panel or modify account all i can log into is the forums.Thankyou for your response:biggrin:
  9. harmonixx

    i am an old user how would i reset a new website

    hi there x10 i hope you all are doing well.I cant believe how much you guys have changed.Well donr it looks extremely good.....CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! My question is i used to have a website with you on a free server its was how would i be able to have a new free...
  10. harmonixx

    Runescape or w.o.w or second life or eve online

    heres 1 for you guys......i play runescape and i have a few million in my account plus i am a high lvl player and i think its a great game to my friend plays world of warcraft and he says its much better than runescape I DISSAGREE also my girlfriend plays second life and she says...
  11. harmonixx

    X10 are number 1

    i have to say that x10 are such an amazing free hosting its an eye opener.......i have now been with x10 for 6 months and i have been so happy with thier service and would reccomend them to all i can say it WELL DONE X10 and keep up this amazing good work:lockd:
  12. harmonixx

    rainbow 6 vegas or call of duty

    hi there i am well into my 1st person shooters and i do have both these games on my x-box 360 so heres a question for you guys what do you think is the best 1st shooter.....either rainbow 6 vegas 2 or the new call of duty now i like both of them but my girlfriend loves vegas 2 so come on guys...
  13. harmonixx

    splintercell or max payne

    hi there ppl i am having a debate with one of my friends now he says max payne is the best game ever i said splintercell beats it hands he doesnt agree so come on ppl let me know what you guys think......:drool: This belongs in the Gamer's Lounge. But in all honestly...
  14. harmonixx

    wots your fave retro game

    hi there i know this maybe a silly question but here goes....a long time ago i used to have a spectrum 48k he he i know but hey i loved it now my question to you guys is whats your fave retro game i.e Q-Bert....Pacman...Donkey Kong..Mario Brothers i think ya get the drift now my fave game was a...
  15. harmonixx

    help with devil may cry 4

    hey guys i have done the 1st 12 levels with neo and now am on the other guy is there any tips or cheats ppl know about....thx
  16. harmonixx

    Does Anyone Know A Real Good Postnuke Themes Site

    Hi there people only me again.....i am looking for a really good themes site for postnuke 7.6 xanthia as i have looked everywhere and most of the themes are either corrupt or just plainly dont i am looking in2 using the at-lite module but i am not to sure about it......any help...
  17. harmonixx

    What is better

    which cms would you think is php nuke....joomla or mambo please leave a comment as your input is appreciated...thx
  18. harmonixx

    thank you very i always say in the forums when people have a moan about...

    thank you very i always say in the forums when people have a moan about x10.....they are wrong as basicaly most of the time it is their own faults that they cant use the cpanel or an ftp......i have never had a problem with your servers or thank you again
  19. harmonixx

    hi there i have just noticed that my site has been suspended......i do apologise and i do know...

    hi there i have just noticed that my site has been suspended......i do apologise and i do know the rules but i have just got back from a backpacking holiday so i do apologise......thx
  20. harmonixx

    x10 rocks

    well i still have to say it but here goes......i am really pleased with x10's free hosting package 2 put it bluntly they are the best free hosting i have come across....well done guys you deserve an award......:cool: