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  1. yitwail

    Your Internet connection has been blocked due to frequent abuse.

    On the contrary, it's in 7 blacklists, and 6 of those are legit, I believe:
  2. yitwail

    max I/O usage

    When I look at Resource Usage in cPanel, it states, You had 1024 I/O usage out of 1024 max I/O usage allowed Can anyone explain what that means, and how to reduce it?
  3. yitwail

    Upgrading free hosting to Prime or Illuminated

    Thank you very much for the info. Is there perhaps an area I can periodically check for an announcement on when the software update finishes?
  4. yitwail

    Upgrading free hosting to Prime or Illuminated

    I've had a free account for longer than 7 days, yet when I click the link for upgrading to Prime or Illuminated, it loads this url -- -- and I get a blank page. I'd appreciate it if someone from x10 could look into it. Thanks. PS, perhaps I was supposed to...
  5. yitwail

    Free Hosting Has It's Challenges

    Nice post. I know a thing or 2 about hosting, and for anyone who can work within the limitations of 512mb disk space, 2 mysql dbs, 3 email accounts, 2 addon domains, and 2 subdomains, x10 free hosting outperforms many a low-end paid hosting plan. My account is brand new, so perhaps older...