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    Security Implementation

    Somebody know how to implement security to my site from my Cpanel My PHP code is good but i want to forbide permissions to my server host. THANKS Edit: im looking for some tutorial but i like the idea to have a Topic for security doubts maybe is already exist but i cant find anyone
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    Security Implementation

    How to implement security to your site?
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    [PHP] Basics of PHP Scripting

    GooD tutorial you can improve more lessons
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    Site Inconsistent

    This happen because some peopel overheating the server, be patient. I understand the X10 Team is working in threat accounts to the server and at the same time deleting from the servers the unused accounts
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    Ayuda para re-activar mi cuenta... por favor

    INGRESA A TU CUENTA DESDE y en donde tiene el Status de tu cuenta, Suspended, revisa por que causa has sido blockeado, si no manejas xxx o software sin licencia sigue las instrucciones que estan en la parte inferior de la pagina, en caso que alojes xxx o Software en tu FTP o...
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    Zero Tolerance

    ok guys all of my doubts resolved, and thank you very much and forgive me im just a beginner.
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    Zero Tolerance

    I'm sorry but i can't understand, what a meen nulled script, warez. what is the extension of the file that threat the Tos? please be most specific Corey Thanks I'll be waiting you answer before i upload files to my CP