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  1. colorx10

    Cant publish my site same error comes up

    Okay ive waited two days for this to clear up and it wont. I went in to edit my site and when I hit publish it brought up this error message: Error: Server error. If you see this message it means we are already working on it.. well i have waited and its still doing it 24 hours later. Any advice?
  2. colorx10

    Confused on domain name not showing up

    Maybe I am not waiting enough time but its been hours, about three or so i guess and it keeps saying "not redirected" on the domains page. when i click the new domain i it says index of cgi.bin and i dont know how to fix this..ive already been to...
  3. colorx10

    Edit With Sitebuilder Gone

    I logged into my account and over to the right where it always says to edit with sitebuilder, is gone. it just says remove website and thats it. how do i get it back?