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    PHPBB Ads

    PHPBB + PHP-Nuke Ads How can I place ads in phpBB + PHP-Nuke? If there have already been topics on this, please direct me to them.
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    Need some help...

    Does anyone know how to clean your mouse roller ball? Mine's all sticky and it's really making my FPS aim like sh**.
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    Account address: At first, I uploaded an index.htm file to my webspace. It was a redirection to . I didn't want it there anymore so I deleted the file. The thing is, that process is still going on, redirecting to /main/ when i...
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    e107 or mambo

    What do you guys/gals think? e107 or mambo?
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    Ahoy there m8s!

    Hi I'm Raymond. I found x10hosting on I love mapping and modding for video games which is kind of why I requested this hosting. I used to map for an old game called Deus Ex but I gave that up just a few weeks ago and moved on to Half Life 2. I guess that's about it for...